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  1. Forum Name, Character name, and handle

    So, just a quick update...   Arena Commander actually uses the 'Community Monicker' as your in-game name. If you want to rep for ADK when we start playing multiplayer, that's where you need to put the =ADK= tag!
  2. New Renders of the M50

    The new Jump Point issue has a bunch of the WIP stuff for the M50, including this beauty of a render:     It's looking pretty amazing! I'm definitely picking up one of these during the next ship sale!
  3. I've been messing around in Space Engineers! Me and some friends have been playing around in a private multiplayer game, but I'm still waiting for dedicated servers so I can host one!
  4.   And as a tanker/refueler, it'll be important for fleet operations!   I'm still waiting for more concept art for the Starfarer... we still haven't seen the layout for the interior at all! I'd also like to see how much cargo it can carry when you replace the fuel tanks with big cargo boxes. It's close to the same size as the Banu Merchantman, so it should be able to haul around 4000 or 5000 freight units.
  5. Forum Name, Character name, and handle

    The 'Community Monicker' should just be whatever you want people to call you. I just set mine to Jeff.   Putting the ADK tags in your monicker (the one you can change on the RSI forums) is sort of redundant, since your Org shows up right under your profile picture.     Eventually, only the RSI 'Handle' will matter, since the 'Community Monicker' is only for the RSI Forums. Each character we make in game will have it's own name and we'll probably use the 'Handle' to add people to our friends list. Each time your character 'dies', you get a new character name anyways...
  6. That cannon on the Kingship is intense!   Here's another good size comparison for some of the smaller ships:
  7. What should we do for DFM release?

    Set up an official ADK SC stream and just pass off streaming to whoever is still playing :P 24/7 Star Citizen stream.
  8. Hello fellow gamers!

    Hello fellow Star Citizen recruit! I also recently found my way here from the RSI forums and have been having a good time.   Good ol' Runescape  :lol: I remember questing my way through that game in HS, although I moved on to WoW when it was launched and haven't been back since.   I haven't been able to get into LoL myself, although I know a lot of people that play it. I just started playing Planetside 2 with the ADK guys though, which is a blast (literally... I die by cannon-fire a lot  :unsure:).   It's always good to see another Star Citizen backer coming over to join the ADK ranks! We're rapidly approaching the DFM release and the hype train is rolling at full speed now!   I'll catch you on TS sometime, and hopefully, before too long, we'll be blasting away at Vanduul together!
  9. I wonder what the new show will be like after WMH is done? I hope with a dedicated team it'll be something with really good production levels, although by the end here WMH has become a really well done show.   Here's the post from Eric about the shows ending if anyone hasn't read it yet: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/129651/wingman-s-hangar-ending-an-explanation/p1   I suspect we'll see him on the new show fairly often... He just won't have to produce the whole thing himself now!
  10. Hi all!

    Howdy Valashar! As a fellow SC recruit, I thought I would stop by and say hi. I'll be seeing you around the verse! and probably in TS too :P
  11. A New Scrub

    Hey Sour! Good to see another Star Citizen backer! Have you joined the ADK Org on the RSI website yet?   I was recruited from the RSI forums, but I started playing Planetside 2 with some of the ADK SC guys and have been having fun with it. Maybe I'll see you on PS2 sometime!
  12. What are your in-game plans?

    I have the same idea, although I don't think very many people will really want to just ride along as gunners and stuff. It will probably be more effective for them to bring along their own ships and be wingmen. I plan on just hiring NPCs to man my Connie, and hope that the AI is a decent shot.   I plan on using my Connie for trade for a while, and then I'll probably switch over to one of the bigger haulers like the Hull C and Merchantman when I can afford them. Then I'll fit out my Connie for combat. I'm really interested in seeing what kinds of load-outs will be available. The Connie will be a fire-superiority ship, since it has tons of missiles and hard hitting turrets, but I hope there are other options that make it a good support ship. Stuff like shield recharging or enhancements for nearby friendly ships and crowd-control abilities that leave enemies vulnerable to my wingmen.    It will be fun figuring out different builds that work well with a team. I hope there are lots of different modules that let us change up our play-styles.       I just noticed that I cut out most of my post earlier on accident  :blink: lol   I guess I was just going to say I plan on doing a lot of combat too! I want to be really good at combat strategy and I want to know which builds work the best for different strategies. I'm also really looking forward to working in a wing of fighters and developing strategy for group play.   All we're going to have for the next year or so is the DFM and SQ42, so it's going to be a lot of combat for a while. We'll probably be a little burnt out on combat when the PU comes out, so after Operation Pitchfork is over, I plan on spending a couple weeks building up as many credits as I can with my connie.   Aside from all that, I'm really looking forward to engaging in whatever ADK is doing at any given time. I expect there will always be some kind of group effort with ADK, whether it's trade runs, pirate hunts, or just general exploring!
  13. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've been thinking about getting a hotas for SC recently, but I don't know much about them.   I saw this reddit thread on the SC subreddit today: http://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/25djot/diy_x52_pro_or_any_hotas_chair_build_cheap/   It explains how to attach your stuff to your chair  |B)   I might give this 'do it yourself' mod a try when I get something. it looks like the joystick and throttle might be too close to your body though, so I'm not sure if it would work out that well :(   I'll update you guys when I've decided on what I'm going to buy. 
  14. Thanks guys. Good to see you Postmaster. I've been playing a little PL2 with the SC guys and idling in the TS today. Already having fun times! I'm sure I'll run into you all soon enough, and maybe even tk you a couple times!
  15. Thanks for the welcome! I've been in the team-speak a couple times, but unfortunately I keep odd hours, so I've been unlucky so far. I'll keep trying though, and eventually I'll meet all the SC folks.

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