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  1. CTE Patch Went Live!!!

    Anddd watch as people still somehow complain about netcode despite being in conditons where netcode would not really apply.....
  2. New BattleField, BattleField Hardline

    Honestly, despite how good DICE and Visceral are at make trailers, I won't be bothering with this since the fancy flashy stuff I know never actually happen ingame
  3. What's your favorite map?

    Paracel Storm if I want combined warfare and all that, but Lockers if I feel like racking up points....
  4. Watch Dogs!

    Yea, looking really nice, though the only thing I hate is that some stores are breaking street release date for consoles so some people already have it early and the wait is now dreadful to me haha....
  5. what do i do wrong?

    Btw, before you turn a corner, I'd aim down my sights, like the guy said above me, so yea, check your surroundings and be more prepared to shoot as a result...
  6. ACE 52 to be honest, the extra damage feels beastly and in line with the ak 47 from counter strike, and it cuts down almost EVERYTHING at medium and long range.....
  7. Introduction

      Hey, thanks alot for the VERY warm welcome, yea, hope to see you guys soon ingame haha
  8. What's the best CQB sniper rifle?

    Wow, so I'm guessing I should stick to dmrs instead of the SR338 then? Thanks either way haha.
  9. possibly the best gun in bf4?

    Yea, after playing against it for a while, it really seems like a m416 with a 100 bullets, and did they really say they were going to nerf it next patch? Because I seriously hope it does get nerfed....
  10. What's the best CQB sniper rifle?

    Hmm, the Scout Elite bolts pretty fast, but you need to land more shots on people in order to kill, and anyone that has the dlc, is the new dmr sniper any good?
  11. Introduction

    Hey, thanks for the really nice introduction and question, am I like free to join the teamspeak server at any time, just you know, so I can get to know you guys and all that? Also, hope to see you guys on the Battlefield too haha
  12. Introduction

    Hello guys, my name is Kenny Nguyen (In game name: Razorkiller1337) and I am a casual pc gamer. I mostly play Battlefield 4 and Planetside 2, and I found out about you guys after I wanted to play Battlefield 4 with actual teamwork rather than the pubs I usually play.  Also, after playing on your servers for a while, I really enjoy the atmosphere created with the help of the admins :), Hope to see a reply soon...

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