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  1. How to stop mass shootings

    By embracing weirdness i don't mean being unique I mean just plain weird like crazy.   And by disorders i mean ADD ADHD things that have been made up for excuses to medicate our kids with psychological drugs that were developed for truly crazy people. It has nothing to do with treating your kid if they are sick or vaccinations of any kind. FYI my girlfriend is a Nurse Practitioner who treats many sick people and growing up with the Mayo clinic here in town i have nothing bad to say about the medical community or the correct treatments of illness.   As far as punishment goes i don't mean beat your child to death i agree fully that they need a explanation etc it works plain and simple if used correctly. I think we can all agree and have seen it a kid that gets no punishment for wrong doing ends up being self entitled and think that there is no consequence for any wrong doing.   Playing outside anyone can look around and see that it's rare and it has caused some social issues because of it. I am at blame myself for that one as well my kids had smartphones at 12 and that's all they want to do is be on the phone, computer, or video games. There needs to be a controlled balance of it all is what i am getting at.   And for bitching about the government well that's a bold statement or assumption to put out there considering i have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan also having a long line of family members including my 3 brothers as well as me being a state chairman in a political party it seems like a very crazy statement. 
  2. What's your favorite map?

    Pretty sure i'm a metro addict but i do love flying some choppers
  3. Even Aliens hate the taliban.

    Looks like mine clearing or ordinance disposal
  4. California is so cool!

    That is cool now only if we could get more like this across the nation, I don't like living down the road from a nuke plant. Well 30 miles but still that's nothing in a meltdown.
  5. Lone Survivor

    Good movie and they honored those brothers quite well unlike some movies
  6. How to stop mass shootings

    Simple do away with all this embracing weirdness, crazy disorders and medicating children. Go back to the days of spanking when your kid screwed up, telling them their weird when they do something weird and for god sakes make them play outside for hours and get hurt from time to time. Many many generations grew up that way and look we are all fine it's only when the government stepped in and started telling you how you can and cannot raise kids is where stuff has went downhill.
  7. You honestly would not believe the crap the VA does that's why i refuse to go to those places. My brother has had 13 surgeries on his knee and a botched knee replacement.
  8. New Rap Isn't Rap

    I like all kinds of stuff but i did like rap when it was rap. The stuff nowdays is just plain garbage trying to rap about candy and whatever else is not the rap i know! The lady still get's surprised when i get into a rap moment and put something on in the car on a road trip and know all the lyrics to some Ghetto Boyz, Bushwick Bill, 2Pac, Cube or whatever it might be from the old days. This middle age man's got skills ;)
  9. Share your rides

    335i xDrive and M3 will be next. 
  10. Would you ride this?

    I have family in near KC might give it a shot i'll let you know if i live!
  11. What's your occupation?

    I work as a IT Consultant, my last contract was implementation on a major security project. And my upcoming gig is a Security Analyst. At this point i'm hoping to get out of consulting and start finding a home to plan for retirement.
  12. an old guy recently back into gaming.

    Was good playing with you and chatting a bit on TS welcome Chef!
  13. So, I'm an AK-5C addict. What's your favorite carbine and why?

    I'm in love the the G36 it's a silent killer masked as a pellet gun ;)
  14. Is BF4 Better than BF3? Or have more people given up?

    I have played them all but i found BF3 to be horrific did beta bought the game and played a half day and took flight to CoD and disappointed with the current CoD found myself coming back to the Battlefield series.
  15. Do you have a favorite weapon in BF4?

    I like the following   G36 .45 M240B   And just started using the SCAR-H don't like the magazine count though

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