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  1. 783
  2. Hey as long as he films himself doing it shirtless i'd be happy.
  3. I spend most of my time when playing SE in creative constructing ships and etc, and this one turned out pretty decent so i thought i'd share
  4. 780
  5. I can do exactly the same... Just not on ice. And without running. I can catch stuff.
  6. 778 Terriblechild had the jackpot
  7. 770
  8. For paying online in a large scale SE server i think having some kind of a RADAR block/mod for player use is needed. Also just the regular, popular, small scale mods like Armored Thrusters, Armored Airlocks, mods that increase the max travelling speed and perhaps a few weapon addons. But i would't call these a necessity for starting up a new server...
  9. 768
  10. Die Antwoord.... Anyone?
  11. Am i fucking dyslexic? Scrap the last two post, number stands at 765.
  12. 675
  13. 758
  14. 755
  15. 743

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