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    Well guns are one of them but coffee is another. :3
    I'm mostly interested in making new friends, everone is different so its awesome to meet different people.

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  1. As of right now I am now a proud owner to a 2015 Jeep Patriot. My truck had finally given its last leg away and was unable to perform as it used to. So now its from a truck that had 169,000+ miles on it to a Jeep with 26,000+ miles to it. Better gas milage as well so happy about that, allowing for me to head off to more airsoft games and meet ups. (Thats if people want to meet in Arizona.)

  2. Sadly to say, I am no longer able to play BF4 nor do I want to get any other high ranked title games like that as of now. I will work on saving money for a newer better PC to be able to play even The Witcher 2 on Ultra.

  3. Have been getting back into lots of games on Steam, trying my best at doing lots more games and having fun doing so. If anyone wants to add me on Steam go right ahead and ask for my Steam account. Message me and I will get back to you.

  4. Going away for a week

    I am afraid from what life is being thrown at me that I have to take a week off from BF4 till I get things set up to where I can get two hours at the least to put into the servers, maybe more if I could. But for now, I'm taking the week off till its all settled so hope this isn't out of anywhere its just that I lost my job and have to look for a new one. Till then, I'm working extra around the house in placment of the rent. So I'll be back when I can.
  5. Airsoft Juggernaut Armor In Progress

    Now this is actually the type of vest that one would go for to begin with. Now for the helmet, I'm getting this custom made one. Its a full head and face helmet (one piece) and this one is call "The Tank." But the problem of what I'm trying to look for is arm and leg guards like riot gear. For the shield I can make on my own (Cheaper to do it on your own and you can make three more with the extra stuff you get to make them.) So now you guys know what I have so far but give me things that would be awesome for pouches and such for the vest even patches, I love patches. ColdBlood: The Tank https://vipairsoftarmory.com/#!/~/product/category=5408654&id=37669242   Matrix MOLLE S.D.E.U High Speed Airsoft Tactical Vest                                                                                      http://www.evike.com/products/31579/                                                                                                                    
  6. Airsoft Juggernaut Armor In Progress

    Cheaper man cheaper, like vests and riot gear. Also if you got idea's for scary airsoft weapons that will work as well.
  7. So I'm a big airsofter to the point I'm building a Juggernaut Armor for airsoft. I'll be placing some money to the side so things will be slow at first but it will be worth the wait as well. I am also going to be placing down some money to make a custom M249 Polarstar that shoots 300 FPS with a NoobTube slapped onto it for those silly people whom think their hidding. ;3 Right now I am at the debate on what color/camo I will be using for the outfit. I am trying to also find best ways to get good gear for a good price so if you have gear idea's I would be more then glad for your comments and links. But for the helmet, already found the perfect one and once I have it I will be posting a pic of it. It will be the first piece of the armor. Hope you all like the idea (And on an added note, I'm getting a polarstar yes but I'm setting it to 300 FPS because I know how badly the thing hurts. Just enough for CQB and CQC but also enough for outdoor play.)
  8. Seige/Zavod/Golmud US#3

    @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] To me, there are not enough maps. I also agree with ticket count being to high but I only see it best to reduce it by 200 tickets so it be 800 tickets. Back on the subject of the maps, to me I got bored fast that there were only three maps. In my option, four or even five maps would be best then your have deversity and a more random count on maps to keep people guessing on whats going to be next. I thought it was a great idea to do Second Assault for #3 US and even brought Death out of #1 US. This is my option and hope it is something your wanting to discuss more about.
  9. For some odd reason when the commander crate explodes it sounds like C4. Some people might take advantage of that sound, shooting C4 when there is a commander in the air. I've heard it throughout the game of Metro and I've tried looking for someone throwing C4 just to find out it was the commanders ammo crate. Anyone else hearing that?
  10. 72-7 | M16A4 | 24% Accuracy

    Hey boogly, what would you recommend for the M16A4? I mean I tried to use it many times but keep failing at it all the time. I sort of hate the gun but yet I like it. Its just one of those love hate moments.
  11. May the c4 be with you

    Let the C4 hit the floor! Hahahah, all the time I enjoy crazy video's like this and its the reason why I don't take the game as serious as I used to back in BF3. Used to be a full on team player that would do his best to win every game but nah not anymore.
  12. BF4 video from ChaBoyyHD

    Yes his video's are crazy and funny but there are other people like Doom49 and BigMooney. There is also LevelCap but I prefer his Airsoft Video's over his BF4 video's. But for something other then BF4 I prefer SeaNanners. A good laugh all the time. XD
  13. HOW TO: Third floor "glitch" in Metro 2014

    Now this is very interesting to me, but also with the Lockers Third Floor Glitch. Now I know what to do if I want to knife the guy. >:)
  14. most under rated and under used assault gun in bf4?

    I seem to get killed more often then I would like by this gun, I try using it when I can but still not got good luck with it just yet. So far My main next focus on Rifles is going to be the AUG. So when I get that locked on I'll make a fourm on whats the best way to use it and for what situations.
  15. Favorite assault rifles?

    I prefer the AUG because its low recoil and good damage moderate for medium and close. Perfect for close and medium ranges. Personally, I love the gun like the actually just like I love the P-90. But waiting for that post of whats your favorite PDW and state your reasons!

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