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  1. Curiosity Lands on Mars!

    That's my ROVER!
  2. Lt. Tesch from Ft. Gordon, GA

    You got your wife hooked on Halo? That is unreal! The only thing I'm unsure about is whether or not the multiplayer will be any good. I liked Halo 2 and 3 the best for multiplayer.
  3. Lt. Tesch from Ft. Gordon, GA

    Hey Fred! Welcome to the forums. My first online gaming for PC was CS:S. Now I pretty much play BF3. I'm unfortunately a Halo fan boy so Halo 4 probably someday.
  4. Halo 4 (Release November 6, 2012)

    Being a Halo fan boy I must say. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY anyways >.<
  5. Battlefield 3 - R24 Server Updates

    They done it again, good job EA.
  6. Wazzzzzzzzz uppppppp!

    Hello Andrew, welcome to the forums! That's intense. ~130 days in WoW! You know PHP by any chance? How did you fry your graphic card?
  7. Carpenter

    Welcome Clint. I hope to see you in the game. You will probably see me in the no exp soon once I find sometime.
  8. Hola, mis amigos (Hi my friends)

    Hey Clark. Welcome to the coolest place around Hope to see you around.
  9. Hi

    [img]http://assets.diylol.com/hfs/82f/8d7/c0c/resized/futurama-fry-meme-generator-can-t-tell-if-serious-or-just-joking-36481d.jpg[/img] ^ Enough said.
  10. Anyone getting Guild Wars 2?

    I might be getting this. Depends on how much time I have to play and if its good at all

    [b]Hi! [/b][size=2]*waves in fear you will get drunk, shoot me, steal my dog, crack my skull, and take my dog on a long walk on the beach..*[/size] [size=2]Welcome and hopefully I get to see you around when I play.[/size]
  12. BF3 USAS 12+frags!!!

    I saw this earlier. Made me laugh. I love the whole series XD
  13. Just got the CS:GO beta!

    I did the survey indeed. I haven't logged any hours in a long time. That's probably my problem
  14. Just got the CS:GO beta!

    I wish I had it You are one lucky man!
  15. I'm back!

    Welcome back! Hope to play with you soon.

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