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  1. Would you ride this?

    Yeah, stuff like this I would love to do!    You would probably have to convince me for a while then at the end I would break.
  2. How do you guys have all this money?

    @[member='FeatherSton3']       What the people say above, Imagine running a community with Tons of servers. You can't just run them for free!  :D     It take a growing and great community to the gamers to donate to keep these servers and website up!   Great work ADK, keep it up!
  3. Would you do this? (Video)

    I would do it!          *If you paid me a trillion dollars*       These guys are crazy
  4. Programmer, or Prorgrammer to be? [Lua]

    @[member='Aetix']        Perfect!   just PM, or skype me!
  5. What are your in-game plans?

    I want to do PMC work. Providing protection and security services. I also would like to get into Diplomatic positions, maybe govern a community or something. The possibility's are endless!
  6. Mothers Day

    Thanks for that!   Hope everyone has a great mothers day if your a baby momma or not! @[member='Pepsi']
  7. Georgia! Geoooorgiiaaa!

    Georgia all the way brother!           Georgia here, born and raised. Nice to see we have other people from my state :)
  8. Programmer, or Prorgrammer to be? [Lua]

    @[member='Aetix']       I live in the timezone of EST. So being on the east coast I'm sure we could find a good time each day. I'm free usually 3:00pm - 12:00am  But, I might have to get ESO a whirl as well! Too be honest I'v tried to learn LUA before and it's really frustrating when you do not have a buddy to work with!              If we can't work something out I wish you the best of luck and hoping you will drive yourself to improve better and better each day!
  9. Programmer, or Prorgrammer to be? [Lua]

    What's up Aetix!,        LUA is a great language to learn. I know games here and there that it's scripts are made using LUA. I would love to learn any coding language with a buddy. Knowing it will be hard makes the challenge better for me. If i may ask what games are you wanting to learn LUA for?        Anyway Aetix, I would love to learn this language.
  10.   Stone ________________________________________     Great to make my start here!                 My name is stone, I'm an avid gamer with lot's of different genres I like to play as a gamer. From MMO's to FPS's I don't mind trying things for the first time. Looking for a good Gaming community is hard and hopefully I attend to make make my stay here a great one with this community. Seeming like this place has much to offer I would love to be apart of it. I thank all the staff who give people like me a chance to find communities like this one to make friends and collaborate with others about games, and socialize with one another.            I have much respect for  the military, I grew up with family that were active being either ARMY or NAVY. I'm planning to enlist when the time of opportunity comes. That being said you mat already guess, I do love military Sim's or military environment games. Sci-fi games or modern it does not matter, anything to do with  military style game-play I have a passion for. This does NOT mean I'm not open for trying new things. You might just have to teach me the ropes first!      I thank you for your time out of your day to read this. I thank you for allowing me again to have such a great opportunity to become a part of something that looks great, and feels great as a gaming community.    ________________________________________ Who I am as a person: I'm very nice Love to get along and meet new people I accept everyone without inequality Willing to try and experiment with games Love to create Graphics
  11. Stone ADK


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