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  1. Hi, I'm me, meet me, and love me!

    Yea we are he is kinda cool. How long have you been playing WOW for i think i have a couple of characters what faction are you in. What minecraft server do you play on. Welcome to ADK.
  2. So long Metro, it was a good run.

    It is sad to see another BF3 server going by the by but your memorial to the regular players is touching and cool METRO FOREVER come to BF4 already :).LOL
  3. =#= What is you favourite GUN =#=

    I did not see that and this a legit post if you don't like my posts than forget ADK :).
  4. =#= What is you favourite GUN =#=

    I use and feel the best about the AWS with the prisma [3.4x], tri beam laser, heavy barrel or silencer, and the vertical grip.
  5. =#= What is you favourite GUN =#=

    The other day someone on the TS said that they had not found a gun that they are supremely comfortable using. I myself use the noob cannon lol but hurt the AWS. This comment got me thinking and i was wondering What is the gun and the setup that you feel most comfortable using? Thx in advance ;)  
  6. gold battlepack drops today

    Nothing good again :). Can't wait for the double xp though.
  7. HI im thewhitephenix

    HI,   My name is Brett and i found your gaming community through your BF4 servers and joined the TS and enjoyed the community and the friendly nature of the players :). I love playing BF and pritty much all other games not caring about the genre but the quality of the game. I am from Australia as i have become known as the one from Australia on TS lol and like that tag Aussie Aussie oy oy lol. Just browsing through your gaming community over the last couple of hours, it has a very nice flow and feel to it, everything is well set out and you have allot of BF4 server choices not liking the 330 ping on the German servers BUT HAY NO BIG DEAL :) i don't live there anyway. 

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