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    clinton twp, michigan
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    gaming and women....what more is there :P

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    Windows 8 Pro
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    amd 6300 3.5
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    nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti
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    corsair cx750m
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    1.0 TB
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    Beats audio
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    AOC 27 inch LED/DCR 20,000,000:1/HDMI/IPS borderless with dual stand 5ms 1920×1080@60Hz
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    Razer Naga 2014, Logitech G710 Plus MX brown Fully Mechanical Gaming - Keyboard with mx brown switches. plantronics gamecon 780 and roccat sense chrome blue 2mm mouse pad.
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  1. Player/Server Wipe 3 - Thursday 4/30

    @[member='PostalService'] same.....work and all, but i will get on for a couple of hours. but fri night i can put in work.

    @[member='chacra'] lol i know you like bongs but booze is my trademark :P welcome aboard man.
  3. Hello there Everyone!!!!

    So brandon how are you liking h1z1? 
  4. Hello there Everyone!!!!

    welcome to the forums and community bud :) see you on the battlefield.
  5. I want to join ADK

    @[member='asiangamer900'] welcome to the community and forums, you pre order hardline yet :) 
  6. Lazyboy852 saying hello

    @[member='lazyboy852'] heya lazy :) welcome to the community make yourself at home bud....make sure to jump on TS and have some fun! tons of laughs.
  7. thank you adk

    @[member='KingCommander151'] glad to see people still love us :) Welcome to the community and thanks for inviting your friends to play with us also, you will all love it here. See you on the battlefield.

    @[member='omgitshimagain'] Welcome to our humble forums and community, ive seen you in TS and if i didnt have kids running around at the time id of been a chatting fool with you and your friends. See you on the battlefield.
  9. Bubbabear85 Introduction

    @[member='FlashGordon'] welcome to the forums bud, Should join  us in TS sometime and have some laughs :) see you in on the battlefield.
  10. Hello to all ADK

    @[member='mayns414'] welcome to the forums :) we always have fun in TS grab all your friends and join us. See you on the battlefield.
  11. Hello my name is Ramm4ever

    @[member='ramm4ever'] welcome to the community :) any questions or concerns just jump in TS and chat with us :) be sure to invite friends also. see you on the battlefield.

    Also welcome to our community :) feel free to jump in TS whenever and make sure to invite friends also....see you on the battlefield bud good luck!
  13. Yoyoninjas

    Welcome to the community bud, always tons of people on TS to talk with that will keep you company so your not alone :) 
  14. Low Population Rules - Please Read

    read and understood, this is a big change from when i was playing 5-6 months ago.
  15. Introduction

    @[member='Soulwind'] welcome to the community, see you on the battlefield buddy.

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