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  1. 21CW 32v32 BF3 Tournament

    Darktimes cleared this up for me
  2. 21CW 32v32 BF3 Tournament

    So I've joined a division I guess, now I wait to join a company?
  3. 21CW 32v32 BF3 Tournament

    I've been aching to do some 32v32 scrims, count me in. I think I signed up on the website a while ago, but if some people from ADK are looking into this then I'm definitely doing it.
  4. Ace Pilots

    What is the BF communities view on these guys? I don't want to be a total dick and just say we shouldn't have them, but it gets ridiculous when a full caspian server gets cut down to half because 2 Ace pilots are running a train on the opposite team. 3 AcE guys come in the server and it immediately becomes so one sided it's not even worth trying to win. What is everyones thoughts about this?
  5. Is Battlefield 3 Premium worth it?

    [quote name='billymcguffin' timestamp='1340653915' post='34004'] Does that even make sense? [/quote]It does... IF YOU BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART.
  6. Switching from PS3 to PC

    Depends, you play metro and you get most of the braindead BF players on PC that don't check flanks/revive/play to win. But 64 conquest on PC is a different story, going from the peaceful cakewalk that is 12v12 3 flag conquest to 32v32 was quite challenging at first when I came to PC, so much shit going on.
  7. Anyone still have BF2?

    [quote name='iNand' timestamp='1338752566' post='30718'] lol I played today and I have to say that I don't like it... it's way too dificult. And the fog/sand.... omg. If I was there I'd instantly die from some problems in the lungs, lol. [/quote]Ya it's alot different, no unlimited sprint, guns are different. But I had alot of games where I had a full squad that talked and I much prefer that over pubbing in BF3 where my squad is all over the place and I have no option to VOIP without getting them all in a party. And the maps, commander mode, commander can drop your squad a vehicle if you're too far away from a objective and don't want to walk.
  8. Anyone still have BF2?

    Lemme know a time you guys want to play, be warned though, it takes getting used to after playing BF3. but it's still pretty fun
  9. Anyone still have BF2?

    [quote name='IIGodHanzoII' timestamp='1338270716' post='30085'] Yes, and I still have the other expansions for it. Now if I can only include my account for it so I can get the dogtags. :/ [/quote]you must play with me
  10. Win a 4v5

    Well having played LoL religiously for about a year straight, I'd have to say your experience is a rare one. I've won 4v5's, but honestly it wasn't because our team was doing so well, it's because the other team has an underfarmed champ or was not attempting to push any towers, thus letting our team farm ourselves into invincibility and come back to push and win.But theres also the makeup of the team that comes into play, a healer, 1 tank, a ranged carry, and a tank-melee is going to crush 4 ranged carries and a healer, unless of course those carries are farmed to hell and yours is not. LoL is a weird game
  11. Anyone still have BF2?

    So I decided to buy BF2 again with the 50% off deal that origin was offering this weekend, and guess what? This game is still fun to play! It also made me realize how much better the maps from BF2 were, I'd kill to have a map like Operation Blue pearl or mashtuur city in our map rotation. Anyways, I'm looking to see if anyone still has BF2 and would like to play for the sake of nostalgia? it's fun as hell and there are still active communities to my surprise.
  12. It's my Bday ^^

    I'm 19 today guys I've got the day off tomorrow and I'm most likely going to be inebriated when I get home tonight so I'm gonna be doing some drunkenfield. Hope to play with some of my favorite ADK'ers.
  13. What is up with the Jet rape lately?

    [quote name='Novaura' timestamp='1336332765' post='27827'] Me too, but I have been fighting some of these guys and they literally turn on a dime... I have a joystick but I never use it so I broke it out to see if I could do it too if I had a joystick...nope still can't do it. They are finding some way to literally turn around on a dime and come right at me so I can't fight them. It was the same way when hardbreak was known to exist so I don't know how they are doing it. [/quote]Hardbreak is still here ask B2Z, theres a new way to do it.
  14. Boats.

    [quote name='Novaura' timestamp='1336332013' post='27814'] Yeah boats aren't that strong right now but they are like a Humvee except in the water, which is how they should be. If they start putting armored ships in the water it would be a cool idea I just don't know yet lol..... [/quote]I was thinking like a map with a canal system, which a boat could defend a set of mcoms from. And the boats aren't like humvees, they're less armored, and a weaker mounted gun. I don't want them to be strong, just somewhat useful like they were in BC2.
  15. Boats.

    It seems like the boats in this game are completely useless for except getting to objectives. It's a given that they're going to be putting some new ones in armored kill(hopefully something like patrol boat from bc2, except more armored) but I'd like to see some sort of city map with canals where they aren't left idle at the deployment or sitting empty on a beach the entire game. Thoughts?

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