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  1. What's Up All

    Welcome to =ADK=! Hopefully we get to see you in H1z1! Also tell your friends!
  2. Hello!

    Welcome! So are you joining ADK or just wanting to get on the server?
  3. MikeBay introduction

    Welcome to =ADK=! There hasn't been a rumor of wipe yet, but the last one we had like 6 hours notice so yeah...
  4. Sum1

    Glad you decided to apply. I think you'll fit in.
  5. KELVIN1302

    Welcome, Glad you applied. Looking forward to raiding with you!
  6. New Member - Applicant Introduction

    Welcome to = ADK =! You applying for membership or just the white list server?
  7. ADK applicant

    Glad you came over! Looking forward to seeing you in game!

    Welcome back, glad you made the right decision!
  9. Zurith Is Here

    I'm glad you made it over here man! Looking forward to more H1z1 shenanigans!
  10. My Introduction

    Welcome to =ADK=! Looking forward to seeing you in H1z1!
  11. Esko's Introduction

    Welcome to =ADK= ! Have you been playing 700 hours solo?
  12. Introduction ;D

    Do you like long walks on the beach?
  13. Whatever bros

    You decide to join us?
  14. Introducti Thread

    Welcome to =ADK=! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  15. Hello ADK Community

    Welcome fellow Texan! Glad you came over!

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