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    windows 7 home pre.
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    asus p8 z77-v le plus
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    intel i5 3570k
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    intagrated soon to have asus gtx 660
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    corsair cx 600m
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    corsair vengeance 16gb 4x4
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    1tb wd cav. black
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    32 " sanyo for now
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    corsair vengeance c70
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    yapster head set

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  1. Looking for a Great Headset for gaming.

    i use  yapster teknmotion tm-yb 100a.  sometimes i forget that i have them on. they are wired. everyone that i talk to says that they can hear me crystal clear. the bass and clarity are awsome. they have an inline volume and a switch for the mic so you can mute quickly. im just useing my integrated soundcard 7.1 hd suround sound.  $12 us
  2. Best Video card for your $$$?

    best bang for your buck? asus gtx 660 its around $200 and will run any game you want
  3. Its a me, Butch

    oh hell, i was twelve. i can not remembeer. i know we played some creedence.
  4. Its a me, Butch

    had a few bands almost together but, do to people moving nothing ever happend.  i started out playing counrty cause the old man that tought me that was all he played so i had no choice.  now i play grunge rock, sub pop, and stuff like the luminiers, and mumford and sons.
  5. Its a me, Butch

    thank you, and in the twenty years that i have been playing, i've leaned i thing or two
  6. Why the end of the $60 video game is near.

    who works for a living and who has mom and dad for their needs and wants.  for the longest time i rented games.  i rented them cause i would beat them within 12hours to three days.  i think i onece beat a game in four hours that i rented, very disapointed and very happy  i didnt buy any of them. some game i did buy after renting were, grand tourismo 1 trough 4,( you cant beat me). final fantasy 7,10,11,12,  army of 2,  tigerwoods 2005 ( you cant beat me ) . i think i went off topic. anyways ive dumped about $80 bucks into Planet side 2 ihave 198hrs in and im still not done i feel fulfilled.     
  7. Its a me, Butch

  8. allright get this, the dial pad went out on my microwave and only the preset buttons worked.  well my girlfriend went to use it and said babe the microwave quit working, i replied no, you pissed me off so i set a lock on it. she said fuck you now the kids cant eat. and on and on and on untill i fanally told her.  i even pressed a bunch of buttons be for i would hit a preset to futher convince her... you had to be there.
  9. Any Missouri/ St.Louis ADK

    i live in union, mo. 45 miles west of st. louis off of I. 44
  10. My First Build

    befor i built my first computer and this is what im on now, i learned that most people have a problem finding the bottle neck. i learned that alot of bottle necks are at the connection ports.  get a motherboard with sata 6 gb/s
  11. maybe not noticable to  some, but others have and its proven that there is a delay with wireless componets.  and when the battery drops it increases.  if you are going to go wireless use lithium ion batterys, cause they dont hold memory and you have full power untill they are dead, so thats what they say.
  12. i cant tell you if its bad or notbut hear is what ive heard and what i do. what ive heard, when you fire up any electronic device, weather a toaster, light bulb, your computer.  when you turn something on there is a spike in the current and then it levels off cause of the resistors or what have you.  because of this spike in the current hot spots are created which could eventually give in.  have you ever turned on a light and it blew as soon as you did? google the light that has never been turned off.  you will find a story about a firehouse with a light bulb that is still burning.  i also know this old man that does not turn his tv off becasuse he says it makes it last longer.  ok, i just put my pc to sleep and turn the monitor off it uses about 12 watts in this state. my last and first pc lasted me about 10 years and i always shut it down. like  i said i dont have the answear.
  13. I Like Big Tall Things. Hi, I'm VanillaCupcake

    hey this is nevasit, i also play %100 engenier in ps2. and on my way to be coming  an ADK member.  it seems like you dont have alot of time on your hands so playing as a support class i would say is your best bet to gaining certs/exp.  if you havent already go to you tube and watch some vids on being an eng/med.  here are somehings you can do with an engenier.  lay down the ammo in prime fighting spots, you can also turn your torrent into an ammo pack,deploy an ammo resupply sunderer,try to stick with the max assults of your platoon and just heal the crap out of them.  iwould suggest useing flak armor cause, as an eng. you will find yourself getting hit more by tanks, rockets, etc.....just yesterday as an eng. i earned 275 certs. in an hour and half by doing all of this.  goodluck see ya in the field. Nevasit, in the hot seat, out.
  14. Final intro

    America! fuck yeah!
  15. planet side 2 and me

    i got my first computer when i was 19 as a gift, it was the first hp pavilion. i used that computer up untill about five years ago untill it finally just quit.  when i started up this computer i built for the first time and evrerything worked. iwas so proud of my self. i had no idea how slow my old computer was untill i started using what i have now. im addicted

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