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  1. Who i am!

    Hello ADK! I'm Simon, i love to play games, DayZ especially, I've been gaming for awhile now, and i mainly play Arma II, and Arma II Combined Operations. I've come here today to tell you and inform you on who i am. I've been around on ADK servers, for around 4 days, and i'm loving it! It's action packed on DayZ Servers, and the Admins are always active, and willing to help. This is who i am.                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Simon
  2. 20th Post!

    Woo! Finally got 20 posts, time to become a ADK Official Member!
  3. California is so cool!

    Yea, California is good!
  4. Would you do this? (Video)

    I would never do this, it's looks scary, and i'm not scared of heights, it's just a possibility you could slip, and it's game over.
  5. Well then.

  6. My new ADK dishwasher

    Nice sticker, looks good!
  7. I am NEVER Turning Off My Lights Again!

    Doesn't look scary.
  8. Anyone in Cali feel that

    I didn't feel anything and i'm in Los Angeles.
  9. One shot six kills, not a battlefield 4 moment

    Well, next time they shouldn't be in a small group, or bunched up, they should spread out.
  10. How do you guys have all this money?

    They do it by gathering members and they give more things for a price, ADK is just a gaming community that people loves, and they decide to donate to keep it running.
  11. Would you ride this?

    Yes i would probably ride this, it would probably be one of my goals to achieve in life.
  12. Your Gaming History?

    I played the old Nintendo, PS1, and PS2 games, the gaming series i loved the most was "Jak and Daxter"
  13. It was added by "DICE", you just have to have around "10" people at the buoy to trigger it.
  14. 1 year ago today. Boston strong Bruins fans.

    Thanks for putting this up!
  15. This is just stupid

    Well, this is dangerous, and just plain stupid. They must not be scared of death.

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