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  1. My Contact Lens Went On An Adventure

    @[member='ljohnl'] I buy them six months at a time
  2. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Vladimir Zsadist'] definitely the latter
  3. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='darkelf1'] I have a cat that I talk to all the time. she is my baby... and rocky road is good, but I think pralines and pecan is better
  4. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='White Death'] thank you! I could not agree more. btw, hope to see you in CoC whenever you get your phone and thanks for going to that meeting on ts
  5. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Pepsi'] he's my boyfriend.... so yeah. he will be up my ass. Now let's stop being so sassy!
  6. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Pepsi'] I wrote that as a joke. I thought it would be funny. I didn't mean to make it seem like I was trying to draw attention to myself. Haha.    As for your request, I will have to blissfully decline. Only because I'm kind of lazy and it would take effort to write on paper... Then take a picture. Meh...    Thanks for the response though :)
  7. To My Future ADK Friends, What You Should Know

    @[member='Princess Puffalot'] You sound awesome to game with! Haha. Welcome and maybe I'll see you soon in game. 
  8. ZombieFather checking in....

    @[member='ZombieFather'] I like your name and picture. Welcome :)
  9. Hey everyone!

    @[member='Congestedgamer'] Oh and I like to play RPGs like Fallout, but haven't had time to try an MMO RPG. :)
  10. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Phire'] Hahaha! I'll have to install that game. Thanks :)
  11. Hey everyone!

    Welcome! you should check out our Clan on Clash of Clans http://www.adkgamers.com/forum/384-clash-of-clans  we are growing and having tons of fun
  12. Do you watch a movie twice?!?!

    I generally try not to watch movies multiple times for that reason. Knowing the beginning, middle and end kinda ruins it. I will watch disney movies multiple times because I like the soundtracks, but that's about it.  
  13. So I was putting my contacts in this morning in the bathroom and my cat was sitting on the counter drinking water. the usual. Well! I dropped the contact and immediately searched the floor and counter. turns out the lens landed on my cat's back. fml
  14. Food Photos I have sent to Nova

    you could pass as a girl on instagram with all these food pics... but they do look really yummy

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