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  1. Well if it really counts as a ship, add 2 Dragonfly's to my arsenal. 1 of each, Black/Yellowjacket. Was very tempted for an entire fleet of them, because 50 of them flying out of my Idris or Hope Endeavor would be something I'd very much want to see.....
  2. The Starfarer

    LOL, and to think I had thought about selling mine. Love when he was popped out of his turret like a zit....
  3. Just not fast enough...

    Hahaha. I was playing earlier, stuttered like hell. Even when I went from 3 screens to 1. Nice to see you go flying though. lol Sent from my SPH-L720 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  4. ROFL. Ferdlancer

    hahaha, now my head hurts even more, but I got my 5th ball!!
  5. ROFL. Ferdlancer

    worst editting ever, but good for a laugh.
  6. Pics of your favortie ship within your hangar

    As far as the RSI website is concerned, it's in my hangar, I just can't walk thru it yet :-)
  7. From Pupil to Planet

    Quite happy with all they showed.  I was giving a presentation on another screen, so I couldn't hear what they said for the first half.   Despite their technical difficulties, things not plugged in and stuff, it was a great show, and  I can't wait for 2.1. <as well as further news on Corvettes>
  8. 2.0 Live today?

    AAAArrgghhhhh!! I'm not ready, so much to do!!!   Great, now my afternoon is kind of ruined.  I guess rum and music will have to find it's way into my schedule.   If I find out you're just playing with my emotions, I will find a way to consume your soul.     Now that's we're down to 7 days until the Force Awakens, Star Wars just seems all that important anymore.......
  9. Melted my Fleet

    Yep, did it last night ;-) thank you.
  10. Alright, melted some stuff down, lost my HULL - C, Orion and Carrack, but........ Got us another Idris and have added the Gemini to replace my HULL-C.   Sad to see a couple of my other ships go, but I think it was for the best in the long run.    Idris-P (LTI) Super Hornet (LTI) Gladius (LTI) Gladiator (LTI) Sabre (LTI) Starfarer Gemini (LTI) Vanguard Warden (LTI) Retaliator (LTI) P-72 (LTI) Endeavor Hope Class (LTI) Constellation Phoenix (6-Month)
  11. Melted my Fleet

    I was going back and forth on this.  Did I miss my chance?  I can't find the link anymore :-(
  12. Anniversary LIVESTREAM - Hype train and summary!

    As usual, work gets in the way of things.....
  13. The Idris will never drop back into my price range, so like @[member='BookD20'] said, ALL the ships!!   Oh wait, I already have them....  :o
  14. +1 Sabre to the list for me.     I'm going to need an Imperial Star Destroyer at some point, there just isn't enough room in my hangar.   My ships are really starting to feel a lot like nesting dolls, not that really a bad thing.... You shoot down one ship, I came out all guns blazing from a whole new ship.....    rinse, repeat.

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