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  1. anyone from the arma days still around? 

     Been playing some exile lately myself

  2. Hello again

    Nah not really! Essentially switched life styles a tad bit. I'm out on dirtbike and skidoo all the time, instead of inside. But hell still gotta dedicate time to game!
  3. Hello again

    I moved and couldn't bring my gaming rig with me. All I game on now is ps4. But unfortunate to hear about the servers, I'm sure you two will definitely get it done up nice and get that populated asap!
  4. Hello again

    Been at least a year since I've last made an appearance! What's everyone been at, how's life how are the arma servers? Listening to zombie drama podcast series and made me miss the good ol days!!!
  5. Anyone here playing?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kjBuCK_ZKM
  6. Hurtworld

    Anyone play? I've been playing by myself for a little bit now
  7. Rocket League

    Added you for rocket league... tried to add you @[member='Zsadist'] but your steam link is not working
  8. Rocket League

    Just gonna bump this. Looking for one player to play with in ranked 2v2.      Currently Lvl 26 pro, and on Silver I.    Could level up faster if i had half decent teammates....       ANYWAYS, if anyone wants to play that are in the same or higher than my rank, respond here!
  9. Joystick choices?

    Well i ordered a joystick and throttle. Have the game. Now just have to install the game and wait for the shipment to arrive.
  10. Does anyone play it here at ADK?   I wouldn't mind playing with a group of people
  11. Joystick choices?

    Hey ladies and gents, i want to buy and play the game, but i heard its much better with pedals and joysticks. So the question is:   Which joystick/pedal can i buy that is good quality and under $150.     Cheers
  12. Best Survival/Sandbox games

    It looks alright imo. Im having difficulty finding a good mmo that i can dump hours into.
  13. Good Ol' DayZ

  14. Best Survival/Sandbox games

    Not a big fan of Rust. Its become a pvp deathmatch if you are on your own
  15. I mainly enjoy a lot of survival or sandbox games, or a mix. I also like RTS games. However lately i have not been able to find any decent games in this genre, besides the list below of the games i have played.    DayZ (Arma II mod) Minecraft Banished Reign of Kings H1Z1

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