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  1. One Sun

    Welcome to the ADK community. I'm glad to hear that you got something positive out of a negative situation. Enjoy your stay!
  2. The one named Shadowking

    Welcome Shadowking! I hope to see you in PS2.
  3. Medieval Wifi

    Welcome! Where did the color reference come from?  :lol:  
  4. Hello, I want your toes

    Welcome ToeCollector! I'll let you have one of my small toes  :lol:
  5. Herro ADK

    Welcome Fate! Enjoy your stay.
  6. Bob Lee Swagger reporting for duty!

    Welcome to the ADK community, Wyatt!
  7. Howdy Y'all

    Hey, man. Welcome to the ADK community!
  8. Kent (FilthyBoy), Hello!

    Welcome, man! Fix that connection so you can play!  :lol:
  9. The Doc is in....

    Haha! Welcome to the community, Doc!
  10. Introduction - Marc Begium

    Welcome to the ADK community!
  11. Hello!

    Welcome to the ADK community!
  12. Well hello there ;)

    Welcome to the ADK community Soahc!
  13. Hello everyone

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the community!   @Guru I'm mainly here to play PlanetSide 2. I enjoy fps, rp and realistic mmorpg games. I currently play Arma, AA, Warface, Warthunder, WoT. I'm waiting for a polished mmorpg zombie survival type of game.
  14. Hello everyone

    Hi   My name is Pascal, Im from Belgium and am 21 years old. I go to college and waste most of my time on the internet. I've always enjoyed fps games, I'm proud to say that I've played most of them. I enjoy playing with an efficient team to get the job done. Playing a game to have fun is important, but actually achieving the game's objective is a whole other story.   I hope this shines some light on who I am and what I enjoy out of gaming.

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