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  1. This happened 3 times to me on Seine just now. People ride along but when you take damage they sit there until you get out to repair then they take off with your vehicle. This sends me into a blinding rage and apparently there's nothing you can do about it. That oOPOCEHROo guy who camps in the LAV instead of rushing mcoms or covering for people rushing did it once.   Also, is it me or is the Rush server laggy as hell? I can barely play on that server now. It's probably my crappy Time Warner connection but it doesn't seem to happen on other servers. It's literally like running in mud, slow and sluggish. It's NOT my PC. My PC is fine so it must be my connection. I don't know though.    
  2. Too Many Cheaters and Hackers

    I know how frustrating it can be when some 20 year old with 20-10 vision and cat like reflexes runs wild on a TDM server but most (like FiLthyyYYyyY) are just as I described, young and talented.   You got Lebron James and you got James Lebaron. Most are James Lebaron, only a few can be Lebron James. We must accept this reality.
  3. HOW THE HECK?????

    From that last youtube video showing all the ways to access ledges and stuff it's not cheating it's just weak as hell. If you ever played with the guy in question you would not be surprised he does that.   My goal was to find out how he did it so I could counter it next time and if he was glitching to report it.
  4. HOW THE HECK?????

    this is probably what he did. skip to 2:42   http://youtu.be/Jv6R5jU0i54?t=2m42s   I hate people that have to use gimmicks like this. oh well. next time I will use a mav to kill his beacon
  5. HOW THE HECK?????

  6. HOW THE HECK?????

    I have no idea how to edit so Ill post a reply.   That spot in the video is 90 degrees from where he was when he sniped me. I took a screenshot in an empty server of where he was at the beginning of the round. He was way up on a ledge looking down the main road from where the US side spawns/attacks. He was right under the arch that leads to B from the main road.   If you look at this pic I am pointing at where he was when he was sniping. To my right is the main road from the US spawn. His beacon was behind where I am pointing in this pic and to the left. I have run all around there in an empty server looking for how he could ahve gotten up there and how he could place a beacon up there but I can't figure it out. I'm kind of dumb I guess.   http://oi61.tinypic.com/wsjvc6.jpg
  7. HOW THE HECK?????

    So I was attacking on Rush Seine first part when I get sniped by this guy way way up on a ledge. He's defending. Anyway, We take the first two mcoms and everyone moves up but I knew he was still alive so I go looking for him. I find his spawn beacon behind a locked door. I literally spent the next 10-15 mins trying to figure out how he got that beacon in there. No one would help me and about 5 times in a row he came out of nowhere to kill me. If he did get killed (it happened once) he spawned back in there and put down a new spawn beacon.  I was going insane trying to figure out how he got the beacon behind a door but could still get through the door. There's probably a way that I don't know about so tell me what it is please. I have played that map 100-150 times but I have never seen anyone up there. Here' a pic of it. I will post a vid of where he was after it uploads. Unfortunately I thought I had hit record on fraps but I didn't so I didn't get to record his beacon behind the door or him coming out of nowhere to rape me over and over. I was flustered because he was literally popping up out of nowhere while I searched for how he got that stupid beacon behind a door.   Is this glitching?   http://oi57.tinypic.com/icmedg.jpg   http://youtu.be/DMbhwdBKB-M
  8. I WIN!!!11!!!1!!!

    Noobery at its finest   http://youtu.be/cgqW3xnsX3M    
  9. Hello

    Hi. Been playing your BF3 Rush server for a while now. I only play BF3 because I heard BF4 sucks and when I played the beta I was awful, terribad at it.   I've been playing on and off since BF2. I used to be an admin for the Big =E= clan but some health issues and other things caused me to leave.   I'm in my late 40s. I'm very much anti-cheat. It's my thing I guess.  I rage from time to time. It's my old age. Just being honest.   Shawn   p.s. my BF3 in-game name (as of now) Is TedJustAdmit_It
  10. Is Rush server gone?

    Any word on this? Server is still not online.
  11. Is Rush server gone?

    It's not in my favorites or my history. I played there yesterday.   p.s. I guess they did battlelog maintenance. Maybe that explains it.      
  12. Cheater and racist

    OK, thanks. I submitted a request.
  13. Cheater and racist

    On your Rush Metro/Seine... server there was this guy who I know to be a former cheater. His name is Renamed153621.   He has a linked aimbot violation (#50643) under the name Dosel38 on pbbans and ACI. Look him up. I was talking about him in chat. He denied it of course. He also used the n word repeatedly. If you hvae your logs look it up.   http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-a8d46e6d-vb289713.html   http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/battlereport/show/1/75157982/871517292/   Yes the ban is over a year old. You do what you want. I'm just passing a long the info.    

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