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  1. Star Map - Where will we go?

    Alright, so I'm going to lay out the thought process I used to come to my conclusions so that y'all can point out any issues there might be there, parameters I may have overlooked, etc.   I started with looking at what will likely be our Org requirements. We already know we have quite a few large ships in our Org, so we will be needing a home system that has at least one large jump tunnel. We also know that we have a significant amount of us gearing up for some space trucking, so I figure it would be nice to be in or close to a large travel hub. Most of us are also eager to be jumping into the fray and testing our metal against Vanduul and other baddies, which means we probably don't want to be smack dab in the middle of safe-space. Finally, I know we have some explorers in our midst, and again, being away from the areas that need exploring would be mighty inconvenient.   With these factors in mind, a couple of candidates presented themselves. First up, the Idris system. With one medium and three large jump tunnels, there's plenty of options. Surrounded by several economic hubs, and being a hub itself, there's sure to be plenty of trade and trucking. Also, it's only two jumps away from the Vanduul controlled Vanguard system, meaning a fighting front for those among us eager to fight or profit off the war via army supplies. If we want to throw our larger ships into the fray, the jump route to Vanguard is capable of large traffic. Another Vanduul system, Caliban, is only three jumps away, though the final jump is a medium tunnel. Possibly another bonus, Sol is only a mere three jumps away, as well as Ferron. For those looking to develop trade relations with the Banu, the Yulin system is only three jumps away for small craft, four for medium craft. A possible detraction, the Idris system does appear to suffer a bit from a medium-ish threat, though I'm sure we could handle it. Another plus, for our explorers, there is at least one nearby system, Oretani, that does not appear to have had any jump tunnels discovered yet. Also, Idris really isn't all that far from the edge of known space. Definitely a good candidate, in my opinion, for an excellent expedition outfitting point.   Next up, Bremen. Like Idris, Bremen has one medium, three large jump tunnels. However, Bremen is in close proximity to several unclaimed and developing systems, which pose great potential for an org based out of Bremen, particularly for exploration. Another point Bremen features over Idris is its relative closeness to not only a Banu system, but also being within a couple jumps of Xi'an space, which might prove highly beneficial. Bremen is also within a couple jumps of Vanduul space. Given our Org's expressed desire to be a part of Operation Pitchfork (unless that's changed since I was last active here), another BIG plus for Bremen is the fact it is next door to Vega, the likely starting point of Pitchfork in an effort to reclaim Tiber. So that will be nice. So there's my two picks. Semi-fringe systems capable of large traffic, and close to all the activities.
  2. Star Map - Where will we go?

    OMG, I'm in love with the starmap! Will be providing my thoughts on suitable base systems.
  3. Devoured by the Void

    Y'all need to see this if you haven't yet. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/14774-Classified-Report-Vanduul-Bomber-Identified   That's right... we now have another badass Vanduul ship. That thing is HUGE! According to the specs, this ship is even BIGGER than the Tali. For comparison, it's pretty close in size to the Reclaimer, and sits between the Idris and the Retaliator (going by length/beam/height specs). We don't have a tonnage yet, however, so we can't compare that way. Seven defensive tier 4 turrets, three fixed (massive!) tier 6 cannons, a payload of 4 triple-mount torpedo clusters (does this mean 12 torpedoes?!!!), and a size 5 shield all point to this being a heavy slugger! By way of comparison, the Retaliator is heavily outclassed in terms of armament and ability to take a beating, but I'm going to guess has the edge in speed and maneuverability (smaller ship with more maneuvering thrusters). The Void does have one more main engine, but has less maneuvering thrusters and is a bigger ship with a much heavier payload, so the Tali should be able to dance around this beast so long as it avoids the spines. From the sounds of it, this ship will not be offered as a pledge, and will only be obtainable through capture in the PU. Definitely going to be a glory goal of our org to capture one of these. As for capturing, I have no idea how we will accomplish that, but if there's going to be emp weapons, those will definitely be involved, and it will require a LOT of ships. As for how it will play (particularly in Pitchfork), I'm going to speculate we will never see one of these alone, that when we do see them they will make their presence known in a big way (read as mucho boom boom), and they will always have an escort of at least two fighters (more likely four) per bomber to compensate for their lack of maneuverability. Living on the fringes of Vanduul space seems to be promising a wild ride.
  4. Alien Ships

    Best description of this ship yet.
  5. The argument of Why Wait?

    Seeing as how my internet situation hasn't changed yet, this is kinda a non-issue for me as I can't play anything online anyway. My current 760 will do me just fine until I can get a better situation sorted and there will likely be some much nicer options available by the time that happens. What I'm likely to do is just build a brand new rig from the ground up once release happens. In the meantime, I'm seriously considering getting the Reliant for my starter, just as a placeholder in the game. I'm already pretty confident the game will rock, and I really like the Reliant, so dropping $50 bucks on the game is a pretty solid idea to me. If I end up not liking the Reliant whatsoever, I can always melt it down.
  6. Expedition Task Force

    @[member='Kraven213'] I think the equivalent of an AWACS might be that Tracker Hornet variant. But it would be cool to have a larger vessel dedicated to AWACS.
  7. Expedition Task Force

    While I was reading the third Q&A for the Starfarer, one of the questions struck a chord with me: Would it be beneficial to have a Starfarer along with an exploration vessel?   This question got me thinking about the other logistics of a long range exploration expedition. Fuel wouldn't be the only challenge such an expedition would face. Supplies, damaged ships, hostiles and spent ammunition, morale, and of course secrecy. All of these are problems an expedition would need to overcome.   As I was thinking about this, I realized: if ADK is to be serious and competitive in the exploration business, exploration will most definitely have to have a dedicated and well organized charter. I know there have already been plans in the works for this, but I figured I'd lay out my thoughts on the issue for everyone else to pick apart.   Exploration has ever been a risky and expensive endeavor, and more often than not expeditions end in tragedy and disappointment. That said, they are also necessary, for nothing risked means nothing gained, and there is a great deal to be gained from successful expeditions. Wealth, treasures, artifacts, new technology, new horizons... all of these rewards whisper to us from the dark, and we have but to be brave and resourceful enough to claim them! So, without further gabbing, lets dive into the meat of the issue.   There are many key logistics that need to be managed for an expedition to have any chance of being successful. A forward operating base (cuts down on travel to starting point and supply lines for long range exploration, as well as a place to return and effect repairs and resupply) Exploration Vessels Scanning and mapping equipment Fuel Supplies and parts for repairs A vessel capable of facilitating repairs Defensive measures and enough ammunition Supplies for support of personnel And, of course, people crazy enough to cast themselves out into the abyss of space, searching for who knows what I'll break down the points I think could use some greater elaboration.   The FOB Every expedition in history has a starting point, a place from which explorers gathered their supplies and personnel before taking that first step into the unknown. Ours will need to be capable of housing all our personnel, docking our ships, and storing our supplies. From what I've read, we'll likely have a couple options to choose from. Starting from civilized space. As far as supply logistics go, this is the most ideal. Hangars should be readily available, and the supplies we need will be right there, or readily available to be shipped into the system. Also, it will likely be policed, meaning a more secure home for the expedition. It would be pretty sucky to come back from an expedition with damaged ships and have to fight off pirates just to get in our hangar. We set up in un-authorized space. Throughout the lore, pirate dens have been mentioned as going to be a very real thing. This... would be less than ideal. We'd have to police our air-space (or pay extortionate protection rates) and we would likely have to ship in supplies ourselves, which we would definitely have to escort. However, in some cases this may remain the best available option as such places might be the gateway onto un-chartered space, and trying to start from civilized space might cut our exploration range to an unacceptable extent. Now this one I'm not sure will actually be a reality in game, and probably not till well after initial release. That said, we might have the option to set up our own station in an un-inhabited system. We already know space stations are going to be in the game, but whether or not they can be org controlled remains to be seen. Of course, having our own space station would present it's own challenges. We'd have to set up a supply chain, a protection detail, and it would be in our best interests to keep it as secret as possible. However, the benefits in some cases would be worth it. We wouldn't have shady neighbors, it'd be easier to keep our explorations secret as long as the location of the FOB remained a secret, and as we shift to different areas of exploration, we could just bring the station with us (likely), along with all the equipment and supplies tailored to exploration, no need to re-ship them to another hangar. The prior option got me thinking: if we don't actually get player-controlled stations in game, we might instead be able to set up a supply fleet and use that as our FOB. It would have to be quite the operation, but it would be sooooo damned cool! Have an Idris or Javelin, along with a couple other smaller ships for escort, a squadron or two of fighters, and a bunch of supply and repair ships (I really hope the Reclaimer will be capable of fulfilling this role), and there you have a mobile base of operations. Expedition Fleet Actual Here, we have no shortage of options to choose from. However, the fleet will have to be well machined so that each piece fits together to create one extremely efficient unit. Unfortunately, game details like jump range and how the jump system itself operates are still being fleshed out and have yet to be revealed to us, so we have no idea what kind of range each specific ship will have. However, we do know that some ships come already equipped with long range jump drives, and these will be ideal for us to utilize in this role. This is a long-range expedition I'm talking about, afterall. An LRE fleet I believe will require at least the following: Command Vessel: This vessel will be the hub of coordinations in the fleet and will be where the fleet command resides. Two ships come to mind as ideal for this role, The Carrack and the Constellation Aquila. They're specifically set up to explore, have all the sensor suites and are long range jump capable out of the box. Also, they can equip rovers and both come with a medical suite. Long Range capable supply ship. Now, what may end up happening here is that we have a ship that doesn't yet have long range equipment, but we end up equipping it with the necessary items. So this could be any number of ships, and we'll have to see how things flesh out in game before deciding. Fuel ship. I don't know if the Starfarer will actually be capable of fulfilling this role in a long range fleet, it all depends on if we can actually equip it with the necessary equipment. We may have to retrofit an LR capable ship with refueling equipment instead. Or, we may end up having a Starfarer just set up shop in a system that we come back to when in need of fuel. Who knows. Defense ship. This one is kinda optional. It may be that the best defense an LRE has is just jumping the hell out of dodge when faced with a threat it can't handle on it's own. That said, we may find that a defense-oriented ship will be desired. I doubt the Vanguard would actually be a good option here. It is a long-range fighter, but long range for a fighter is a much different concept from long range for a long-range jump ship. The Vanguard is so called because it has multiple-jump capability, but that may not be the same as a long-range jump. We shall see. However, I'm sure we'll be able to equip offensive minded ships with LRJD's if so desired. The purpose of a multi-ship fleet is to extend our exploration range beyond what we would be capable of with a single exploration ship. Who knows, this might all end up being moot, and a single ship will always be better than a cumbersome fleet. I have no idea, just throwing my thoughts out here. That's all I got, if anyone else has ideas/thoughts to contribute, by all means, the rest of us would love to hear them!
  8. Official Organization Structure Thread

    @[member='bscrash'] Yeah, I dig this idea. It would help mitigate players getting burnt out and quitting the org altogether, while still keeping them in the loop. Tired of mining, mining, mining, oh and some more mining? Hook up with the nomads, join up with some others, and take your 325 out for some relaxing (or exhilarating) exploration. See the sites, bum around, see what else is out there. In the area while an org op is going on? Maybe swing by and lend a hand (or not, no obligation). Just do whatever the heck you feel like doing without feeling pressured into whatever activities your home charter is up to.
  9. - Banking Charter -

    Perhaps just a minor nitpick here, but I'm not sure "bank" is quite the right word for this. I think a more accurate title would be "Treasury Charter".
  10. Well, I did it guys

    "Hey, you're in the army, do you know Steve?" "Yeah, of course I know Steve, there's only about 1.5 million people in the army! Say, there's about 1.8 million people in Los Angeles. You live in Los Angeles, do you know George?"
  11. FPS Update

    Sweet merciful Luna, this is massive!
  12. Rename the Advocacy

    @[member='DecoyDrone'] See, this is why I suck at coming up with names! I knew I wanted the name to relate to ADK somehow, but the best ideas I could come up with were anagrams :(
  13. Rename the Advocacy

    Angry Derranged Koalas   Army of Dancing Kangaroos  (jeeze, Australia, get out of my head yo!)   Ants Daring Khan  (don't ask, I just plopped "ku" into google and "Kublai Khan" showed up)   Ablative Defense... Koalas! ("K" is hard, okay?)   Anne's Delivery Killers  (think, like, Anne of Green Gables, but by some twist of the cosmos, she's become the head of an assassin guild! We deliver death! We even have a slogan, like Fed Ex. "When it absolutely, positively, has to die!" Or UPS's "We Like Killing!" ... And Anne's more famous quotes are sooooo easy to twist into an assassin guild's purpose. "My life is a perfect graveyard of buried targets." “People laugh at me because I use big guns. But if you have big targets, you have to use big guns to execute them, haven't you?” “It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy killing things if you make up your mind firmly that you will.” “It is ever so much easier to kill if your clothes are fashionable.” I know, we're not taking on illegal assassin jobs, but... I needed to get this random tangent out of my system.)
  14. Rename the Advocacy

    Amity Diversified Keep   Amity means friendship, peaceful harmony   I chose it for the former.   Diversified because we are a diverse org.   Keep  because (K is really hard for me to find an appropriate word for) Keep has many different meanings/usages that can work for us but the one I had in mind is the following: the innermost and strongest structure or central tower of a medieval castle. You could also use it for our goal to keep within the law, or keeping morals/ethics in mind, the list goes on.   I dunno, I suck at finding names for something that everybody will like and that aren't extremely cheesey/corny/choosesimilarword. Especially for a group as diverse as ours.
  15. - Shadowsteps Charter -

    @[member='Dimwit'] Touche'

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