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  • Birthday 05/28/1992

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    -GAMING(favorite hobby, so it's in all caps).
    -YouTube(half of my total gaming hours per week on Steam is probably how many hours I spend on YouTube).
    -Cartoons(adult swim, cartoon network, 90's/early 00's Nickelodeon cartoons, some anime)

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    Windows 7
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    Intel i7 4770k
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    AMD HD 6870
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    8192 GB
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    1.5 TB HDD 500 GB HDD
  1. @[member='JarHeaD4EXG'] pretty simple, like counting to 100. Kinda like getting older, you know.. adding 1 every year since birth. You've counted up close to 150 by now. :D
  2. Definitely nostalgic! xD
  3. Lol! I guess I'm a little bland! I keep changing my theme and I get too lazy to make everything look better.  
  4. Herro ADK

    Haha. I'm working on it Tex! And thanks guys! :D I'm looking forward to playing more on the ADK servers. I joined the only Chernaurus server a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love! Then the Panthera server pops up, and now a new Chernaurus! I'm sure the other games' servers are just as awesome, but it may take a while for me to take a break from DayZ. lol
  5. Herro ADK

    Thanks! :D. I hope I get to know more people, because those who I recently met are really cool. 
  6. Herro ADK

    Hey guys.   My gamer nickname is Fate, so I normally go by Fate. I've been playing as Chains on the ADK DayZ Servers a LOT lately, but I normally go by Fate.  I've had a friend, JarHead4EXG, in ADK that's been wanting me to join for over a year now, I think. Anyway, here I am, lol! I play a higher than average amount of DayZ and I am usually a pretty shy guy, but when you get to know me more I am a bit mentally insane. I am pretty sure Jarhead could vouch for me on that lol. I'm 21 years old, in May I'll be 22, and currently in college for IT with an IT specialization. Uhh... I dunno what else to say :P, but anyway.. Hai!!!

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