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  1. Best Patch Notes Ever.

    He's still way more than a troll pick, because of the aforementioned power of stealth junglers in solo queue. It's definitely good to find champions to default to if you're having fun.
  2. Dota 2

    I used to play DotA, and I've played some DotA 2. But I got spoiled by the quality of life changes League has over DotA.   DotA 2's interface is almost completely without QoL improvements, and it sometimes feels like I'm dealing with a lesser interface just for added "complexity".   Ultimately, that's what keeps me from going back to DotA 2. Also, I'm tired of toxic players everywhere, which ruins my enjoyment. I hate playing daddy between teammates and enemies in matches.
  3. My problem with muting is, it's a direct contradiction of Riot's rules. I've been warned for "Refusing to Communicate" because I muted a premade in normals that were trash talking everyone, including the other team.   Basically, iron skin must be generated around yourself, in pretty much any online game. I hold no respect for people who trash talk, especially for no reason. "GG EZ" when you win a 5v3? Hurrrr.
  4. Best Patch Notes Ever.

    Up to around diamond 3, stealth champions are EXTREMELY powerful in the jungle. Even at diamond 3+, it's hard to justify warding with so many pinks. You're starving yourself out of so much gold to do so, for minimal return.   Evelynn is the largest offender of this. With Twitch as the example, you can deep ward and see him before he stealths. Basically, stealth will stomp if played well. It's easy to do if you know how to take advantage of laners' mistakes.   I haven't seen Feral Flare, so I don't know the effects- I've actually been too busy playing WoW and DayZ that I haven't afforded myself enough time for more than an ARAM now and then.   So with all that said, I still feel he's better with the gold income of bot lane. His ultimate shreds too hard mid/mid-late.
  5. So yeah...I think I'm done with league

        Late to this post, but: Everyone has these matches, friend. And they always get more and more frustrating, and you find yourself caring less or performing or worse as your frustration grows. This is actually why I play League for fun right now, rather than competitively. I don't enjoy certain changes made to the game, and I'm waiting until it reaches a level of balance that I enjoyed before there were so many champions to choose from. Eventually, you bounce back and perform better than before, ESPECIALLY if you sit and analyze your matches. Which is, admittedly, harder since LoLreplay doesn't work for most people.       Ah, I can see where that's confusing. The big wolf, large golem, blue wraith and the relatively-recently-added-new-camp-wraith are all big ones too, and I suppose that wasn't completely made clear by Riot to a large portion of the community.
  6. Hello there, everyone.

    Precisely! Glad we understand each other.   Great to be here, pretty much everyone's nice.
  7. Hello there, everyone.

    Surely we will!     I think E is the most fitting answer for this question. It's completely obvious. It makes perfect and absolute sense. Also, legitimately surprised. I never meet other people from Michigan, it's always that damned California.
  8. Hello there, everyone.

    A lot. I've played a lot. The Guild Wars games, I even played Runescape back at its beginning, I played a game called Dark Ages (not to be confused with Dark Ages of Camelot) I've played Aion a little, I've played Maplestory, I've played Ragnarok Online, just tons. It's hard to list them all.   I don't play Battlefield 4 much, if at all, right now because I'm getting caught back up in WoW and caught up in playing DayZ, not a lot of time to do anything else :P
  9. Rengar rework

    Rengar was too powerful as an assassin. It was a nerf, yes. It was an attempt to bring him more in-line with other assassins. He was good at rushing towers, he was TOO good at taking out your AD carry, and his base damages and sustain were too high.   Also, throwing Bolos on a click target was very powerful in itself, a very powerful slow and an even more powerful snare.   His damage was too high, his sustain was too high. And he could become pretty durable, too.   Overall, it was very necessary. He might be a LITTLE weak now, but tweaks will continue to go out.
  10. Here's your weekly dose of cuteness...enjoy

    Poros are so adorable.
  11. Are they a like

    DotA 2 focuses a bit more on combat. It feels a little bit slower paced at lower levels, but at higher levels I sometimes feel like more combat happens there. Safer combat, at that.   In League of Legends, there's a lot of action, but it sometimes feels more methodical. I feel auto attack animations are more comfortable in League of Legends, as well.   Mana management is huge in DotA, but not nearly as big in League of Legends.   As a genre, they're very alike. Their champions/heroes are very alike, too.
  12. Favorite Champions?

    Probably Ahri, I love my foxgirls. However, in terms of actual gameplay, it's probably Riven. Ever since she was released, I loved her. I don't play her very much anymore, though. For theme: Lux. I always love the concept of light mages, and you couple that with her hilarious laugh and I'm sold.
  13. Tips/advice

    There are different kinds of counters. There are hard counters and soft counters. For example, if somehow you're unfortunate enough to have picked Tryndamere into Nasus, you're not going to get past Wither. You will, and should, lose every exchange in that situation. Counters matter at all levels of play, though. They're most powerful at extremely low and extremely high levels of play, though. Until you get up to diamond~ 2, if you ever get up there, it won't matter TOO much. As for the mention of Vayne at bot lane, bot lane is a lane almost entirely without effective counters. The support is there for that reason.   It's top that has the most snowbally lane match ups, and much of the countering happens at level 1 and 6.
  14. Hello there, everyone.

    To start with, my name's Zach, and my in-game name is Hideyoshi. I'm 21.   I'm a relatively hardcore gamer, and I play many games. Some more competitively, some not. I always seek to become better at whatever I do. I generally prefer having those around me perform at their best as well, and I dislike excuses. If I mess up, I admit it, so I try to impart that when I'm playing with a group. Raw efficiency to a point, but it's still important to make sure you're having fun at the same time.   I'm very much a hero-type person when I can. I always stick up for the guy that's being bullied for no reason, or for a simple mistake. In DayZ, I'm always a hero character when possible. Exceptions to this is base defense and fighting for objectives, only my team is friendly in these situations.   I'm big on MMOs, and my preferred game genre would definitely have to be RPG.   I read a lot, it's my favorite thing to do by far. My goals this year are to learn several languages, though whether I'll have time for that remains to be seen.   I'm pretty much always with my best friend, Fishy. We play pretty much everything together, with very few exceptions.   I look forward to meeting everyone.   ---------------------- The online games I currently and recently play/ed are: DayZ (Epoch mod) World of Warcraft League of Legends Battlefield 3/4 (on very rare occasion nowadays, however) Diablo 3 Final Fantasy 14 (We were in a top guild in this until about a month ago, after certain circumstances happened) ----------------------    

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