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    Clash of Clans Leader
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    TX, United States

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    =ADK= Alan // Alan // Flicka
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    Alan AKA Alan
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    Windows 7 Professional x64 Bit
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    GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3 AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
  • Processor
    AMD FX-8350
  • Graphics
    EVGA GEFORCE GTX 760 Superclocked
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    EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B BRONZE 750W 80 Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
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    PNY XLR8 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600
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    Western Digital AV-GP 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM
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    Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset
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    BenQ RL2455HM 24.0"
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    CoolerMaster HAF 912 ATX Mid-Tower
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    ROCCAT KONE Pure Optical Gaming Mouse, Logitech G710 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard, Razer Kraken 7.1 Headset
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  1. =ADK= Clash of Clans Leader

  2. Introductions

    Welcome. :)
  3. I aquire help...

    http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/cpu-z/1.71-setup-en.exe ^^^^Go there and download that software. Don't worry-it's safe. That software will detect and give you all information on your entire system including parts and models. Using this, you can go to PCPartPicker and follow those instructions I described to you and from there, you can see if this new video card will be compatible or not.    If you have any other questions, including ones pertaining to PCpartPicker, let me know. 
  4. I aquire help...

    @[member='HansJob'] Ah yes something I didn't even consider... Are you implying that this PC you own was bought as a whole PC? Or did you build it?    I just assumed that you built it.    If not, then you'll need to take that sweet baby apart and find out what that motherboard is down to the exact latter in the model name. If you want to see exactly the CPU, video card and ram, you can simply go into your documents and right click on Computer, and look at properties which will tell you these things.    You can also check out the motherboard name by accessing your BIOS on startup.      But yeah, PCPartPicker will help you figure out if what you're wanting to do is compatible. 
  5. Advice on a new mouse?

    Super super old post! But I have to boast about my Roccat KONE Pure Optical mouse. It's perfect for my small hands and has a great shape to palm it, if that's what you like to do, or you can claw it which works great as well! 
  6. I aquire help...

    @[member='HansJob'] There IS such a site! Allow it to be your new best friend.    http://pcpartpicker.com/   Go there and select 'System Build'. From there you can enter in every component of your PC, including any future parts you'd like to check for compatibility, and it will let you know if anything is incompatible, why it is, and that should answer your questions, Hans. 
  7. A short little baby review of my Gunnar Optiks glasses.

    Makes sense. Haha. 
  8. A short little baby review of my Gunnar Optiks glasses.

    @[member='Freditowner'] Haha you, my friend, are the filthy casual.    They actually weren't too expensive. They are actually the least expensive model at $80. Not bad. 
  9. Why hello there. I recently bought a pair of Gunnar Glasses and wanted to share a little bit about my experiences thus far.    First off, the model I went with are the SheaDog Crystalline glasses. (Does not have that classic orange-ish tint)   Link to the glasses I bought:http://www.amazon.com/Gunnar-Optiks-G0005-C00103-Crystalline-Designers/dp/B007I8S9ZK     I decided to buy these glasses because, up until 2 weeks ago for the past several years of intense gaming and staring at monitors/phones/TVs constantly, I would get a headache almost every day and pretty severe eye strain to the point where it hurt to even close my eyes or attempt to sleep sometimes.    For the first few days or so, there were no huge changes or improvements, but soon after, and for a little more than a week now, I have not had a single headache, no eye strain and I am able to work on my PC for HOURS each night without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort. Some people like to think that products like this are gimmicky and are a waste of money, but for me, so far, they have worked flawlessly and even make my monitor a little crisper ON TOP of the fact that they ease my eye pain and headaches.      So if you get headaches and eye strain regularly, I would recommend you at least go and take a look at these glasses. These have worked awesome wonders for me. 
  10. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Pepsi'] Figured as much. 
  11. Do you have a favorite weapon in BF4?

    I started this topic when I had only 15 posts or so.    So glad to see it keeping up it's activity. Thanks for the responses, guys! 
  12. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Pepsi']    You didn't need to reply at all when I have been asking her things and you have been replying on her behalf. I asked her, not you. She comes on the website rarely and asked me to respond for her if she is busy(which is almost always). I will text her what is said to her, and she tells me what to say for her.    This isnt about Tex. This was about you. Then don't fucking mention Tex if I'm not allowed to also mention her in order to explain why what you said was way misleading and clearly wrong.    You are getting all butt hurt and taking things all personal in things. When you continuously use a 'tone' in your responses, make ridiculous requests to a brand new member making a harmless joke and insult me by implying I would ever attempt to make a move on somebody OVER A FUCKING WEBSITE while in a 3 year long relationship, then excuse the fuck out of me if I take things a little personal.    I didnt even know at the time you two were dating or anything so back off. You instead now feel all threatened to where you feel as like you need to stand up like a white knight defending her honor when no one has attacked it.  This has nothing at all to do with her being my girlfriend. Go back and read everything I have said up until this post. Did I once ever mention her being anybody other than 'Smashley'? If I was defending her honor, I was doing so on a recruiter-to-member basis. The fact that you didn't know we were dating was irrelevant. And don't try to make me believe that because you didn't know, you should get a pass for being a dipshit.   So please, sit down, mind your business and relax. YOU chose to jump in and give your two cents so I replied back giving you the same respect you gave me. Being a recruiter IS my business. Even if I wasn't in a relationship with Ashley, I would still feel the urge to 'jump in' if you are butchering a new member's introduction post and being an annoyance. I am not implying that I keep tabs on EVERYBODY'S intro post, because I don't. I'm simply telling you, my responses were and are as a recruiter first, boyfriend second.    Your track record proves otherwise. My 'track record' is clean. Do you not remember how EVERY guy in the community talked to Tex? It was all the same. It was perverted fun. We were all friends with her and nobody wanted to fuck her and none of us were serious.    That is indeed possible with a lot of people but you are known for hanging around females wanting attention. I am KNOWN for that? You have me seriously confused with somebody else. Don't make that sort of accusation unless you are sure of who it is.    And when you tried to put those moves on her she curbed you. Do you not remember us all in TS joking on you for it? How easily we forget I guess. I already said this but EVERY guy did this. As a joke, might I add. Nobody actually tried to 'make a move', especially myself. Again, think and be sure before you accuse.    Yes, I have no friends. You got me there. Are you really that fucking retarded? Was that your attempt at seriously trying to diss my credibility as a person? You don't even hang around me in TS and only know of me in the forums. If we want to be honest in all this, I am better friends with more people in DayZ then you are and thats your only game you play and I dont play it at all. So please, by all means keep going with the 'I have no friends', 'no social skills' and so forth. Your behavior in how you respond to things suggests heavily that you are a lonely shit head. That was the point. You decided to break it down and go into detail and even mention how much better people know you in the DayZ community? Do you not realise I have not even touched the DayZ channels in like a month and have since moved on from that game as a whole? It's the reason I'm an overall recruiter now, no longer a DayZ recruiter. Hell, I haven't even posted in teh Day forums in God knows how long... So that pissing contest was useless.    If I look like a jackass you look like a insecure child who has to defend his womans honor when she wasn't even attacked AND laughed over my comment.  That 'laugh' was to remain civil as she ignored your bullshit responses. So don't flatter yourself. You have not said a single humorous thing since you've entere this topic. And about 'defending her honor', I already explained how that was besides the point of everything I said.    No you twat. Go read her posts. She laughed out it and ended it with a smile. I even liked her post and left it alone afterwards. She seen it for what it was, a joke, razzing her.  She dislikes you even more than I do right now and has ever since your first response. She did not legitimately think you're funny, as I said. And she did not see it as a joke. She saw it as a stab at her. Don't blame our it on our interpretations either, when your humor is not obvious and completely dry.      Truth be told, your actions and how you are bringing all this attention to her topic is going to make her feel embarrassed more then anyone. You may not be an adviser, admin, recruiter or hold any significant position in this community, but some people MIGHT look up to you as a an example setter because of how active and experienced you are in this community. Acting the way you were before I intervened is the serious embarrassment.  I would normally message you directly about this sort of thing, but you just wouldn't stop fucking posting and I became impatient.      I'm not responding to the rest because I will just be repeating myself.    Stop posting dry and offensive humor and we can stop it here. As well as making bullshit accusations about unrelated things. 
  13. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='White Death'] In response to your CoC reply, the clan has since become a lot more laid back and less is required to do to show activity and all that.    I hope one day you'll mosey on back over to us :)
  14. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Pepsi'] Not that I need to respond to any of that but to humor you...   If you would recall, which I guess you don't, Tex would move to me just about as much as I did to her. So... If I was 'up her ass', you might as well break the news to her as well that she too was up MY ass, according to you.    Also, what if I told you that it's possible for a male to be close friends with a female and NOT want to fuck them?  Perhaps the reason I spent so much time playing and talking with Tex was because she was the very first person I ever met in ADK and practically the only person I talked to in ADK the first 2 weeks I was here.  We still converse off and on to this day. We are close friends. I'm sorry, perhaps you don't have many of your own and have to bash people to feel the acceptance of 'likes' on your posts and the brief satisfactory "ohh burn, nice one, Pepsi" to feel that you contribute, socially speaking, more than being our web designer.      To be honest you're making yourself look like a pompous ass in this entire topic which started out as harmless humor. But in classic fashion you took harmless jokes and became a jackass.  Your initial responses to Ashley were ridiculous and was a pathetic attack which, at this point, has probably made her feel pretty embarrassed. You are also the only one being an asshat. Everybody else represented ADK how I know it ought to be by being welcoming, inviting her to play games or laughing off the initial joke of her 'being the new Tex' or being a girl gamer. We did not have to humor you by responding, but we chose to anyway on the off chance you were just trolling, all while remaining civil and ignoring the fact you were, and I will reiterate, acting like a jackass.    So if you don't mind, Pepsi, take your idiocy elsewhere. It's not wanted here. 

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