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  1. just an old dude that likes games

    You're not the only old dude creeping around here, welcome. I'm still on the first wife but just as old lol!
  2. Well you must definitely be young, but for your gaming pleasure and a throwback to the other old goats here ya go. http://www.ponggame.org/
  3. E3 is Among Us!

    Disappointed Ubisoft didn't announce a new Splinter Cell game....again. The AC series is good but haven't there been enough of those recently? I hear there's a R6 Siege 2 on the horizon and of course we know there's a Division 2 coming (good game but too much bullet sponge of the bad guys). Bring back Sam! Anyway that's my quick .02 worth.
  4. Battlefield V - Live Reveal May 23rd

    Sooo no one seems particularly interested in the next edition of BF....?
  5. Battlefield V - Live Reveal May 23rd

    What did anyone think about this today? The little I've seen a game without more zombies. Sorry but so over that trend COD:Zombies, A new COD+Zombies, look a new Black Ops IV, ZOmbies for the love.... My bad end rant, but I like the BF series and the lack of zombies and I like that it looks like there will be some coop function. Great fun to be had with a small group of friends laying the smack down. We'll see as more info comes out but I guess I'll be cautiously optimistic. Plus BF3 is what lead me to find ADK, so it will always get some bias in my mind
  6. ADK Raiding in Battle for Azeroth

    I'd be glad to, my schedule is always changing but I'll be glad to participate.
  7. What are you reading now?

    I'm still grinding away on the last (for the moment) game of thrones book, also reading through Terror at Beslan, sad but interesting information about that terrorist event.
  8. Oh I go back at least as far as the old Atari's, it's just hard to remember before that. Cause I'm old and stuff lol. First pc type may have been the old Oregon Trail perhaps, in college it was Duke Nukem I think. Ahh the good old days.
  9. New Build options?

    Well I'd like a threadripper but really can't justify spending the cash on that lol. I'm watching 7 prices and sales, I've since read that going with a 1600/x or 1700/x would be a decent option either way. I'm currently running the XSPC liquid cool with a two fan radiator and a bay. I didn't get the gpu block at the time and now I can't get it (no longer made/supported). But I would add on moving forward. It's in my first liquid cool build and I'm quite happy with it. I considered ekwb but they are not the most economical option, so I'm looking for others opinions.
  10. New Build options?

    So speaking of liquid cooling, any suggestions for Ryzen processors? I'm thinking of the 5 1600X, from what I've been reading it's a good compromise and bang for buck when it comes to gaming rigs and AMD processors. 7's are worth extra bucks if you are doing some rendering or video editing etc. So I'm currently running an older XSPC Raystrom kit : http://www.xs-pc.com/discontinued-eol/raystorm-750-ax240-watercooling-kit Think I could just update the cpu block and keep the rest the same? I was also thinking of getting a 1060 or 1080 and adding a gpu block to the loop. Your input is appreciated, thanks!
  11. What's Your Favorite Dinner

    I think you meant steak, potatoes, and whiskey
  12. Most Hours Played For One Game

    I think the command for that in WoW is /time or /played something like that. But some things are better left unknown.....
  13. Ethereum Mining and GPU $$

    I'm looking at the Ryzen options as of late, I have seen a few video cards back in stock and a little price dip, Nvidia supposedly expects the market to keep climbing into Q3 of this year. Next gen cards may help. Think I'm going to find the best deal I can with some coupon codes and bite the bullet. I built a Raystorm liquid cooling setup, I may have to look at the Primochill you mention for the next build!
  14. New Build options?

    Unfortunately is waiting an option anymore? I've seen similar articles as I've linked below lately saying prices will continue to climb until Q3 of this year. Then we'll be in holiday sales and after that the manufacturing workers take a break putting us back where we are now. I was going to keep waiting but not sure if that's the best move anymore. That all being said I've seen a few gpu cards in stock a bit more lately and low end cards come down in price a bit. Probably because new tech will be coming soon, it's always something haha. https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/264576-massdrop-nvidia-expects-gpu-prices-rise-q3-2018

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