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  1. Battlefield 4 CTE Rush Updates

    I hardly touched rush in BF4 because it was so bad, but it was my favorite game mode in BF3. Hope the update makes it just as good as it was in BF3.
  2. 9/11 We will always remember

      This thread doesn't seem like a good place to start a political argument. (Not that this was your intention, but a sentence like that certainly welcomes it.)
  3. bipod illegaly used by KYOKUSHIN20

    Lower your hours per week requirement (or make exceptions altogether for certain people) and I would have already applied to an admin position.   2 hours per day for someone who is active duty and has a family is tough to pull off, but for the 5-10 hours a week I DO play, I could be enforcing rules.   So some of us are more than willing to step up, just not allowed to.
  4. They're invisible.

    Ive had this happen alot since the DLC dropped.
  5. bipod illegaly used by KYOKUSHIN20

    Id like to see our enforcement be proactive instead of reactive.   You may only lose 2-3 people per match that are fed up with bipod glitching. But over the course of weeks/months thats alot of people who will avoid ADK servers because of the frustration they've had.   I understand that it is hard to enforce. But the rules should allow enforcement when the resources are available.
  6. Netcode actually client side issue?

    You should change your name to 1ActuallyPanther.
  7. M249 or MG4?

    The M249 would require me to play the campaign.    So I'll stick with the MG4.
  8. General Battlefield Feedback Needed!!

    1) Less focus on attachments/gadgets/explosives. We do not need 200,000 loadout combinations, it just causes balancing issues and more chances for bugs/exploits.   2) Take all that time you saved not brainstorming/implementing a bunch of useless accessories and spend it on making high quality maps that play well.   3) Game modes. While some game modes can be unique and interesting, most just come off gimmicky. Probably due to all the time spent on loadout options. Make sure to design maps and balance them for CQ, Rush, TDM. Those are the modes that drive the core of the game, BF4 rush is almost completely dead because of the terrible map design for rush gamemodes.   4) Mod support. If you give the community more ability to customize games (AKA letting us actually restrict usage of explosives for the sake of Locker/Metro) and allow development of user created game modes, I'm sure you'll find the crowd-sourced modes and map changes will be created/tested/fixed faster than DICE could hope to do it. Well made and fun modes will rise in popularity and bad ones will fall quickly. The community could do most of the work DICE seems to be struggling to handle themselves, and all for free. Giving DICE more time/money to spend on core game components.   5) Player appreciation. When you want to "apologize" to the community you let down every day for a year, you're gonna have to do better than XP packs and dog tags. Nobody actually cares about that. Create a simplistic set of maps for TDM (like Noshahr Canals) or release a game mode for pistols/knives only or something, and make it available to everyone for free. That might actually make some players thankful for your apology and less hateful towards your company, rather than being more offended by getting some XP packs and dog tags we have no use for and calling it "player appreciation". How much do you actually appreciate your players?
  9. Metro, what is the appeal?

    I don't like how people say Metro is only for people who are stat padding. I've never cared about stat padding, nor did I ever really bother with my stats. I play Metro because I find it fun. I enjoy how hectic and chaotic it is and it fits my playstyle best. I enjoy being faced with a wall of enemies in order to cap a point. That's more challenging to me than driving a tank around a big map or sniping between mountain tops.
  10. im baaaaaack!

    Planning on pirating windows?   Otherwise you'll need a higher budget or lower grade components to fit the OS in.   I'm with Boogly though, if you only have $550 to swing right now, I get that. But maybe over the next few months you could save up another $150 or so? It could make a pretty big difference. $550 would be wasted if the games you want to play aren't very playable. 700-800 should safely get you into the range where it can run anything (albeit on lower/est settings)
  11. Metro, what is the appeal?

    Same here. I play Metro most of the time, only time I play something else its to join a friend.
  12. BF4 Config like in Counter-strike

  13. Yuki on Raptr

    When you get some free time could you write a guide on being as cool and influential as you?
  14. BF3 Framerate issues..

    Yeah I really don't understand it. The 3D settings I tweaked seemed to help a bit, but theres just no comparison between how it used to run and how it runs now, or how BF4 runs. Doesn't make any sense to me.

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