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  1. I need opinions on what mouse to get...

    I like the Razer Deathadder, as do many FPS gamers.
  2. I wish some of my friends would think like you. I have one who calls hacker. No matter how he died. ANYONE who kills him is a hacker to him.   Trolling or not, I do not know. He admits his IQ to being less than 1.
  3. OMG I want this setup.....

    No PC = all this is worthless.
  4. I'm sorry, but.. this is too funny.    ESPECIALLY:    The way you use your words. Absolutely pristine (and when I see people use big words, I laugh since some of my friends wouldn't have a clue with what you're saying). +1 Nikolai.   If this is true ^ (I'd check but school gateway blocks it), then GG, 'cause everything this guy is sayin' could be some nerdrage. 
  5. Stranded Deep

    Has anyone looked into this/interested into it? My friend bought it yesterday and I watched him play it for a while. Also watched Frankies video on it. It looks pretty interesting and more based around surviving than other games these days (Based on PvP, killing zombies, or some monster). Actually, after watching and researching, this game actually looks based on the movie 'Castaway'. It's opening sequence is the exact way he got onto the island and after walking around in-game, you'll find Fedex boxes and even Merlin.    I also found out they're really interested in Co-op, so that'll be pretty cool.
  6. favorite Map?

    Conquest: Kharg Island   TDM: Noshahr Canals (TDM on this map is insane and I love going around with either an Iron Sighted sniper or a Spaz 12 with Slug rounds :P) 
  7. PayDay 2 is HARD!

    I've only played very little (online), and from what I've seen/experienced, you need a good team/everyone with Mics so you know what's going on and what you guys are going to do. It's very team based and a strong team will win.   Conclusion: Bots might've been the problem (badbadbadbad).   Edit: Actually thinking about buying it to play it again.
  8. EA Prices & What You Get

    @[member='Cagregorio']   Do you know if you buy the $20 one, if you'll be able to upgrade to the $40 for $20 or will you need to pay $40 for it?   Or will it just be, if you buy the $20 one, that's what you get.
  9. Trap?

    Trap and Dubstep is all me and my friend listen to. Also, glad other people know Trap Nation, they really need a bigger fan base :D!
  10. Official Release Date

  11. Alternate Servers - an explanation

    So will the $40 package give you more tickets as you play the game?
  12. Release Date Announced

    What is the other thing you can purchase? You can purchase the access which is just $20 (I'll probably be getting it).   But does anyone know anything else about the other purchasable thing besides getting onto other servers?
  13. Read all part 1. A bit of part 2. Before I go on, is the point you're trying to make is that games shouldn't make raids anymore or it hurts the pop.?   If so, I have a big message lol. Will reply once I get home.
  14. VR looks and seems really cool. But when I play games, I want to play them for hours, not 30 mins - 1 hour. It would get extremely tiring, in shape or not in shape, to try to play a game for hours.   Other than that, VR looks awesome.
  15. Hmm...I unlocked 1 thing on a Final Stand map...

    Wtf.. that is OP!!! I opened one gold case and once got 2 200%s and opened another and got 3 100%s.

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