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  1. I got sick sense sunday and after that i felt awful and went to the doctor on monday and i just felt more awful all through the days missing school for 5 days straight but sense i went to the doctors again at a clinic on friday i have been progressing to feel better so hopefully i won't be put into an ER :)

    1. DragonSurge


      it was also a fever and the doctors took my blood and told me it was viral and not bacterial and said they could not treat me with the right medicine to help me fight the fever but thanks to advil it helped alot so I WIN

  2. My mic is broke so i bet some of you guys think its great oh haha ok well i ain't coming on teamspeak anymore and taking a break on pc and spending time on xbox 360 playing destiny see ya until i can find an alternative


    Thank you for all who attended to the BF4 event on server number 7 and hope you all had a very good time and thank you for those of you who had followed the rules, I just wanted to say thanks for the great experience on 2/11/16 HAVE A GREAT YEAR AND EVENTS EVERYONE :D
  4. I have steped down from recruitment for ps2 and just being a regular member but i might be a logistics officer for h1z1

  5. If anyone who is a recruitment admin please they are free to put me in a job for planetside 2 i was told i was not doing my job i will not say who for there respect but i got nothing to do i cannot do recruitment things unless its planetside 2 i can see recruitment app's and intro and bring them back to the applicant's main person so plz fill me in if they need help

    1. Spyderbyte88


      you should talk to qqtiepie and see if she can use you somewhere else until the ps2 revamp takes place.

  6. Sorry i did not post earlier i got my laptop taken away and i also had special events coming up which were fun so im back and im glad to be back

  7. Howdy! ^,^

    This is acceptable you have a good future ahead of you :)
  8. Im back today if you need me im on the recruitment admin room see ya

  9. Going to an IRL event today sunday so if you don't see me on teamspeak that's why

  10. School is tomarrow this is gonna suck for me cause i can't be with my friends -_-

  11. Tip for spy

    If you have picked a spy thats good go clocked and go all the way to the enemy teams spawn and spawn trap them heres the thing when an enemy walks out switch to a diffrent class they are go behind them and stab them in the back and they won't think of trying to go back out and your team will win the game or somthing on defence of offensive make sure you also have a couple of spys over there while your at it just for good measure
  12. BF3 is dying

    BF3 is dying how do we make bf3 more alive sense bf4 and BFH more and more people leave bf3 i think around 300+ still play bf3 tell me how can we get more people to also play bf3 as well as bf4 and BFH
  13. Who can type without looking

    Who can type without looking i sure can and i did it without looking at this as well so hope somone can do the same as i can do
  14. The games are going to fast and i think it would be better if the game were longer so poeple don't have to sit in the lobby every 10 mins plz uppin the scoreboard plus i think its a better experince for new players who just got bf3 its easy for them to get lots of kills for more time.
  15. Where did everyone go in BF3

    team deathmatch and my main class if assualt

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