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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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Everything posted by DrDeath

  1. Hey. give me a shout on Discord.. i am on during the day 


  2. Heya ... you still around ? i just got back .. looking at game WW 3 .. looks to be a good game.. give me a shout on Discord if you are around.. i dont see anyone anymore.. 


  3. Its with a heavy heart...

    hey Hardly .. keep intouch... talk with my nephews an get them to let me how you are doing... Yoir friend Doc
  4. The end of my time here

    @ColColonCleaner I Don't miss to many ppl... but I will tell you I will miss you.. I know we don't talk much... but I want youi to know.. you were always there for me.. just a drop of a hat.. and you were there. . thanks for being there... your friend Doc
  5. Final Goodbye.

  6. Welp.

    Cya PS nice sig
  7. Hacker\Aimbots

    @Darknae @TorqueRanger In most cases I would agree with Dark.. however.. I was there and was in the spectator view ... we were so intence in watching this guy I forgot to video him... he was pur and pur a hacker.. we need to ban him now .. not wait for another ambush he did .. my 2 cents
  8. Why are the servers dead?

    You said this first . it seemed to me you were worried then you said I don't get it. why did you post at all? if you were worried then get on and play the game.. other then that... don't worry.. the servers are in good hands
  9. leaving ADK

    @Silent166 I remember coming to adk and you were the first guy I talked to... I will always remember your fun attituted and making me smile ... make sure you come and say hello .. I will be looking forward to our future talks again Your Friend Doc
  10. New Member

    welcome to our little home away from home.. What game are you talking about... get on ts and join us in some gaming fun
  11. Suspicious, what do you think?

    Thanks @Naru
  12. Cave locations?

    heya frogy ... I only know of one .. that is the one in the snow area.. flew down so didn't get eaten up @FrogyIA
  13. Suspicious, what do you think?

    he might have seen your feet.. but I don't know that map much.. just a thought.. that is what I do in server 1.. if they lay down behind something and they move around.. I aim for there feet when showing Great heads up tho.. keep up the good work... don't forget u can get on teamspeak and tell us in person to @bumbleclotz
  14. my introduction

    welcome @Branchy being young and playing games comes hand in hand I know I still do it and I am a young buck hehe ... get on ts and join your fellow players and have some fun. if you goi into MC just remember there are young players there.. peace out !
  15. A Generic Introduction

    Welcome .. @Wanlash don't forget to get on our teamspeak ( ts.adkgamers.com) and join the gamers channel that you play on .. if ya need any help just call a ts admin and they will direct you in the direction you need to go
  16. This is a request to join your clan.

    He is so Zazzy
  17. This is a request to join your clan.

    Heya @MICHAEL HOPPER was great playing with you lastnight... you are a mature and polite person.. welcome to our little home away from home our teamspeak is ts.adkgamers.com come join us and have a blast... ts is big .. so just take your time and scroll down till you see BF area. I will be there 90 % Of the time
  18. Aimbot

    Ran into a guy today.. .wasn't to sure of his hack.. but then TimmyThe5Yearold showed me this vid.. so Admins and Advisors. keep a eye open.. they are coming The player I caught ad kicked was Jerrico70 on the #5 server . I have a radar on this guy and will keep an eye open
  19. Hi I am Razz

    welcome to the underworld.. hope ya have a great stay.. get on ts and join the guys/gals
  20. Wow great intro.. I hate to talk to you on TS.. LOL just kidding.. welcome and have a great day/nite
  21. apresetaçao

    Um taco bell.. welcome and have fun.. I hope the language barrier doesn't put a bummer to playing
  22. XM25 Smoke is OP!

    Hmm I don't see the smoke tho... there should be tons of smoke after shooting 3 blurts of smoke
  23. Aimbot

    @Darknae You are da man . thanks Dark.. I will still watch his movements.. I love some evil in his life LOL

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