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  1. Bob Lee Swagger reporting for duty!

    Panthera here :) if you ever hit it up give me a sign
  2. I Like Big Tall Things. Hi, I'm VanillaCupcake

    Wellcome to the community mate, im looking to pick up Planet Side 2 soon :)
  3. *stumbles into room* Hi!

    Hey Keith, hope to see you in game ;)
  4. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the community, glad to see new people :)
  5. Hello ADK

    Welcome to the forums mate!
  6. Bob Lee Swagger reporting for duty!

    Hey there Wyatt, glad to welcome you to the community, which server do You play on?
  7. Hey ADK

    Welcome Chris, enjoy your stay
  8. Just another old guy

    Glad to welcome you in the forums, hope you have fun here :)
  9. Introducing myself

    Glad to see more interesting people joining, welcome mate
  10. Hello

    Glad to see You in the community, welcome!
  11. Hey Its Ben!

    Hey there, hope to see you in fields of justice :)
  12. Hello, Dalton checking in.

    Welcome to the community, look forward to seeing you ingame
  13. Hey! Peter here!

    Hey there, welcome to the forums. Beware it's addicting :)
  14. Hey there Jacob, i'm also new to the community. Maybe we can get in touch, see you.
  15. I don't bite... often.

    Hey there, great introduction. Hope to catch you soon.

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