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  • Birthday 01/22/1961

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    Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Win 7 Pro
  • Mobo
    Asus Maximus VI Nero
  • Processor
    Intel 4670K
  • Graphics
    2 X EVGA GTX 580's In SLI
  • PSU
    Coolermaster Gold 1000 Watt
  • RAM
    8 Gig corsair XMS 1600
  • Storage
    Crucial M500 256 Gig SSD / WD 500 Gig
  • Audio
    XFI 5.1 Pro
  • Monitor
    Samsung 23" LED / Samsung 22" LCD
  • Case
    Cooler Master
  • Peripherals
    Standard keyboard with a Logitech Mouse
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  1. introduction thread

    welcome & see you on the battlefield...
  2. new dirtbag

    Great guy to game with. He was with me, Sorted Geezer, Disorderly & Jellyfinger in another clan that folded. He has a broken wrist at this time so his gaming time will be limited at best, but he says he's gonna try, what a trooper, lol...
  3. Introduction - Marc Begium

    Welcome & hope to see you on the battlefield...
  4. Member of The Month - NEW!

    Congrats & thank you for you work on the TS. I am new here but always appreciate good hard work.
  5. Introducing myself

    You sound like a very interesting young man. Welcome to the forums & I hope that you find enough players to get your game on.
  6. My First Build

    I have an Asus board with both SLI & Crossfire but have yet to be able to try either due to finances. Thanks for the info though.
  7. Hey! Peter here!

    I look forward to gaming with you sometime soon.
  8. We Are Not Just A Battlefield Community

    This is a very nice website, better than the one I made.
  9. Colonel level 100

    Thanks for the info. I am new to the game & trying to rank up a bit quicker than I have been...
  10. Future Tech

    I'll stay with my desktop for as long...
  11. Hello All...

    Thank you for the positive reply, I really do appreciate it & I look forward to playing with you again.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully someone here gets a free copy.
  13. Hello All...

    Hello All, some of you know me as oZ.grampa-eddie from the clan OuterZone. As of 04-15-2014 the clan dissolved & the remaining members are in process of joining ADK  ( not sure how the clan tag is done ). The members that are coming to ADK are very friendly & I recommended them highly. As for me I play all the Battlefield series of games & stink at all of them, just ask my old clan members, lol. I am 53, blind in one eye & can't see out of the other, and have very slow reflexes so I will be raising most of your frag rates. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to ask me anything & I will answer you the best I can.  

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