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Everything posted by Runescapeguy9

  1. New Admins and Advisors

    (late) Congratulations.
  2. Why hello there!

  3. What do y'all use for live stream?

    Used to use xfire, havent in years.
  4. Hey folks

  5. THE OFFICIAL: Must have games of all time thread.

    Mass Effect 2 is and forever will be the greatest thing mankind has ever concieved and executed.
  6. Hey Everyone

  7. New Admins 6/29/12

  8. ADK Community Montage *Please Read*

    Is compressed allowed? Uneditted at all would be kind of....large.
  9. Mission Small Business - Support ADK!!

    [quote name='TheLedStone' timestamp='1340986999' post='34702'] Since when are we a small business? [/quote]Since our glorious [s]leader[/s] CEO deemed it so. Speaking of, when do we start getting paychecks?
  10. New to the community

    Hm. Hello.
  11. Wanted to say hello

    Hello the-- Wait. Attorney. EVERYONE RUN!
  12. New to this place

  13. TDM (Canals)

    Some serious rubber banding issues going on there. 30 ping and I've got people flying all over the place. Not the only one complaining. Anyone have a clue whats going on with the server?
  14. Greetings From a wet Florida

    Hello there
  15. Hello everyone!

  16. tdm update

    Thank you.
  17. hi to all ^_____^

  18. Who's with me?

  19. fLatline - Zebra currently 3 - 0 for Season 2

    Very nice guys
  20. Hello, thegreenslime here.

  21. Cyroko's says hi!

  22. eXpectKorea's Introduction Thread

    Look forward to seeing you on the battlfield.
  23. Hi from England

  24. Dxtory, BF3, and Windows 8

    I recently decided to try out the windows 8 release preview to see the impact in performance it would have on gaming. Happily, I am getting roughly 5-15fps more in battlefield 3 on average. However....there is a down side... I had to manually reinstall punkbuster to get it to recognize the game at all, and there are some odd glitches in-game still. Every time I die, a black/blank screen appears for roughly a second. It doesn't interrupt gameplay because I am already dead, but it does cut off dxtory recording and causes it to lag severely as it starts another recording file. Has anyone else tried upgrading/have this problem? I am running a gtx580 with the latest 64bit W8 driver
  25. Dxtory, BF3, and Windows 8

    [quote name='-Grimreaperx2-' timestamp='1338818304' post='30805'] I dont see the point of windows 8 really unless they realease it in 128bit. Otherwise, just reformat windows 7 and do some minor upgrades (SSD baby!) maybe some more ram and be done with it. Besides Windows 8 is going to have some BS with it for sure. A friend told me you have to BUY windows media player...LOL nice Microsoft, giving people another reason to not use your stuff. I can find plenty of other good media players out there (cough VLC coughljhag). Its like they are turning into apple. [/quote]The release had WMP with it. Also actually came with a code to 'unlock' a media center app if you wanted it. I reformatted my computer to get back to 7 though... the black screens were killing me.

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