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  1. This is a guide created by jackfrags on youtube on how to record video games on pc, i thought it would be usefull for most of us here on ADK :-)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw6YAoai8fQ    
  2. Will there ever be a stop to high pingers?

    Not that my opinion counts for much, but seeing most of us brits hit the us servers with an average ping of 120ms i think a cap of 150ms would be alot better else i wouldnt be able to help populate the us servers in the mornings...  it would also be more of a help than a hinderance imho as if i got kicked for a ping of over 150ms i would know somethings up with my connection or somethings running in the background that shouldnt be....   i get why people want a ping cap, it eliminates rubberbanding & dodgy hitboxes period.
  3. !!ATTENTION!!: 64 Man Clan Battle (AGAIN)

    Last weekend was awesome, ive signed up, see you guys saturday 9pm GMT! :ph34r:   P.S. Dont forget to put your [ADK] name in the 'comment box' when registering for the match !
  4. 64 Man Informal Clan Battle

    Hell yes! (Just in time for my second gfx card to arrive too) |B)
  5. What themeral paste i should buy?

    Ive used Arctic Ceramique (& 2) for years for both air & water cooled systems.   http://arcticsilver.com/cmq2.html
  6. Low Ping? no problem

    EU Servers i get a ping of around 30-35, US Servers 110-130 :ph34r:
  7. Is the DLC Worth it

    @[member='Rocker III'], IMHO if you buy the Premium version yes, but only if you find the key cheaper via ebay, i saved £10 getting it that way and paid £30 (but have seen it for £25 after buying it)...  the fact that each expansion is roughly £12 and there is 5 in total would make the total cost of adding all the expansions seperately come to £60, its well worth considering this to save money upgrading in one hit rather than buying the odd expansion here and there... |B)
  8. Official =ADK= Member as of 23-4-14 !!!

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    2. Fuz


      Welcome to the wonderful community!

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      Welcome Welcome!

    4. SortedGeeza


      @Sparrow, AOBLXIX & Fuz

      Thanks guys, appreciate the warm welcome ! B-)

  9. Yes Please ! ! ! (if there's any keys left)
  10. JackFrags has the lowest Naval strike server ping in the UK.. i normally get a ping of 14ms, getting onto its always a long wait though as its usually packed :rolleyes:
  11. BF4 Fixes to help performance and console commands.

    Ive found BF4SE-1.1 by Realmware to be a very usefull porogram for changing settings without going ingame, for instance if you want the fps counter to always be displayed without having to open the console up everytime you load BF4 up,  just run the program, goto "settings", then "console" and check "ShowFPS" then click "Save Settings" and viola... each time you run battlefield you will have the fps counter on display!   Theres tons more options of course covering Gameplay/Graphics/Sound/Controls/Key Bindings and  Console/Fixes, but i only use it for the FPS counter as it saves me time typing PerfOverlay.drawFPS 1 into the console every time i load up! |B)   Download it from gamefront, heres the link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/23824061
  12. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    @[member='Flashfire'] Fan Speed's reported by speedfan (Turbo mode in bios, probably lower still in normal and silent mode)   At Idle: http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j300/austingreenuk/Coolermaster%20HAF%20XB%20Pics/Fanspeedatidleturbomodeinbios.jpg   Under Load:http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j300/austingreenuk/Coolermaster%20HAF%20XB%20Pics/Fanspeedunderloadturbomodeinbios.jpg
  13. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    @Flashfire.. there not loud at all mate, im running the fans on auto via bios (turbo mode, not silent) and there all Arctic cooling fans throughout, the front 2 are 140mm's F14's and are dead silent, the 4x120mm F12's are whisper quiet, and the two rear F8s are probably the loudest but being at the lower rear of the case kinda match the 120s so its very cool and when not gaming tottally bearable. i have used nocuas in the past and these seem just as good to me
  14. Anyone pls suggest me for best cooling for overclock CPU!

    @[member='Flashfire'] i ran prime for 30mins earlier using the torture test and my max temp was 66oC and voltage reported via CPUz was/is 1.344v :D (@4.6Ghz on air, so im guessing im allgood)

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