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  1. Anyone playing the Paladins Beta? =)

  2. Sooooooo is anyone playing the Paladins Beta?? If so add me! AshbringerAngel. I needs more people to play wiff :3
  3. Member Picture Thread

    Here is me for the new folks     My little mini me 1 day old     2 and a half months old     Smile!     She's mastered the selfie ;D  
  4. Looks like I have a mini Tex on the way! So excited :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tex


      Thank you Daniels813! And @KnightsX ewww no xP thank you! So nervous but happy lol I don't know what to feel :]

    3. getsum156


      sweet good luck hope u and little u r fine

    4. getsum156


      sweet good luck hope u and little u r fine

  5. What is love?

    1. Greatkingjulian


      dont hurt me no more

    2. LaithSJ


      its to feel safe and its the happiness .

    3. getsum156


      crush ur enemies see them driven before you and hear the limitations of the women

  6. Member Picture Thread

    I said yes!! :D Just wanted to share the news and what better way than with a pic! ^^   [attachment=4938:Snapshot_20150222_1.JPG]
  7. Am I the only Texan in ADK?!

    Sure do!! I'm out of town atm though. Enjoying a little break in Lake Charles, hot damn the cajun food is deeelicious over here! :D
  8. PayDay 2 is HARD!

    It's very much team based as @[member='FLxShan'] stated above. And also gonna reiterate that having mics is a huge help, you have to know when your team members are gonna set off jammers for pagers and cell phones, you gotta know when they are fixing to take out a guard so you can make sure they get the pager answered and you don't have some civilian walk in on y'all and see it. Lol these seem like little things but they mean a lot in the game :P I enjoy me some Payday 2
  9. Am I the only one?

    http://tera.enmasse.com/   Its called Tera Fate of Arun :) Its a Free to Play MMO I literally just started so I really can't say MUCH about it only that I enjoy the fighting style and classes so far :)
  10. Sooo just wondering since I don't see any trace of it anywhere on ADK, am I the only one who plays Tera? I just found it and I kinda like it :) just wish I had someone to play with!! Anywho let me know and maybe we can play/ level together ^^ Until next time! 
  11. @[member='Mattcubus'] two words for you: Leg shot. @[member='Tenbear'] we need to get togetherin teamspeak ! :( Miss both you and Matt lots!!! </3 I know I've been busy and absent a lot but let me know when you're on so we can catch up!    Love you guys!!   #turndownforwhat
  12. This is why I love you @[member='Pepsi'] <3
  13. Hmmm @[member='Mattcubus'] @[member='Tenbear'].. What do you guys think? :P Think i'm getting replaced?   Lol @[member='Pepsi'] woah now :) how the hell are you? Long time no see!! And I appreciate the non differential treatment just because I'm female. We need to get together and shoot the shit with @[member='Vladimir Zsadist'] in TS sometime.   @[member='Alan aka Alan'] I think you took Pepsi waaaaaayy more seriously than you should *hugs* :) if you talk with him and Zsadist you pretty much know how they fuck around. Just like at first I took the joke of being replaced a little personally at first but then I remembered that I am AWESOME! :P I can't be replaced >:) muwahahahaha!   @[member='smashley'] Welcome to the community! I don't really play any of the games you mentioned but maybe we'll find each other in a similar game in the future! In the mean time, hope to see/talk to ya on TS! Have fun! :D

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