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  1. New Anime Section

    I don't know much about Anime but, I really enjoyed Appleseed and Vexille. Are there any new movies coming out that would be like those movies? I tend to prefer the digital animation over the cartooning.
  2. Lone Survivor

    I can never understand why, just once, Hollywood can't make a movie about a real even exactly the way it truly happened. reality is often much more interesting then their creative interpretation of it.
  3. Eye of the world movie?

    Has anyone heard if there are still plans to make a movie of Robert Jordans Eye of the world series?
  4. The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

    I am totally ok with any of the additions to the movies that tend to explain the bigger picture of what was happening in middle earth at that time. I very much agree that there is absolutely know shortage of story that would justify adding subject matter that is not a part of the original world.
  5. The new X-Men Trailer has me a bit happier.

    Can't wait for this to come out!
  6. Some Old School Rap?

    Boogie Down Bronx! My all time favorite from the early eighties. The group is the Freeze Force, Mad man Parrish is the artist.
  7. Any Canadians? Eh?

    Alba Nuadh...err Nova Scotia here!   Not a member just saying I was here. :)
  8. Your Gaming History?

    Wow! This brings back some old memories.   I think the first game I played on a computer was summer Olympics on Commodor 64. I seem to remembering a lot of rapid button mashing. The first, 1st person shooter I played was called Zero tolerance. Most of us started gaming before they invented the circle. lol
  9. Why the end of the $60 video game is near.

    Wow! That was an eye opener. Both the original post and the price of games in Australia.   For my small part I have always refused to play pirated games. I always tell my friends that I will play those versions if they promise me one thing. when the game companies go out of business, I need the dudes cracking the games to make me some fun games to play in the future. lol This is Not, as you wrote, the only reason the games cost so much but always felt like doing my part.   It will be interesting to see where this all goes.
  10. Thank you all very much for the welcome.   @ Aetix, I am also a Templar - Resto staff healer. I am just at the very beginning stages of learning and would very much enjoy hearing your thoughts on this class.
  11. Hi folks, my name is Stephen ( Jarol ). I live in Nova Scotia, Canada Eh.   Though I have applied via the Elder scroll online, I also play Battlefield 4 and guild wars too...sorta. I am 44 years old with a 10.5 month old Son, who thankfully looks like his Mother. :) I have been gaming since Commodor 64 was coolish.   I like to take long walks on the beach and...oh wait, wrong website sorry about that. :P   Having a young child does hamper my ability to raid late into the night but, I will always help anyone who needs help and enjoy questing with fun people. I am here to have a good time and that is about the extent of what I expect to get out of my game time. I just started playing The Elder scrolls online and so my characters are very low level. I think my main character will be a healer. I hope that might be helpful to your guild and fun for me.   I also prefer using TS over typing and will be on whenever I'm playing any games. I do like to chat and am not shy at all so please feel free to hop in the channel you see me in and say how's it goin eh.   Well, it's late and I need to get to sleep. I look forward to getting to know you folks and having some good gaming.   Regards,   Stephen      

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