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    Asus Sabertooth 990fx
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    G skill ripjaws 2x8gb @ 2400mhz
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    GX Gaming Manticore, Logitech G500S
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    25 down, 8 up
  1. To SSD or Not to SSD?

    Solid  State... Always, there is no substitute.SSDs make your PC feel way more powerful and keep you from wasting your time. I recommend the Samsung EVO or an Intel series SSD i use both in my rig and they are great.
  2. I know about the bullpup and the riot shield(oh god the trolling is going to be bad), but does anyone else know any more weapons for the next dlc?  
  3. AEK-971 w/ Suppressor| New Setup

    <3 suppressor!!, great on pretty much every weapon
  4. Samsung ssd.

    The EVO is insane, i love it. It also comes with software to make sure its always optimized for speed.
  5. bbbut... its COD! it will be a Shiny turd like the some games we have already
  6. I wonder if the random murder will be more manageable than Day-Z, because its pretty darn bad on there and makes it annoying to play.
  7. WARNING: Multiple Personality Disorder

    interesting, i believe i was in a server with Badmins just yesterday!
  8. Windows Movie Maker

    Movie makers in software playback is horrible so just ignore it its fine, if you have space just render a little bit of it and watch it then delete it or rewatch your clips to confirm.
  9. Suggestion for New Server

    @[member='Poptart Gaming'] There are always attachments etc.
  10. Servers

    Erm, is there any place where Battlelog links to all the ADK servers are so i can open and  bookmark them in battlelog. I went and tried to find some myself,but some don't show up in Battlelog and... im too lazy XD
  11. Ak 5c and the AKU-12 i just love the aku for some reason. both of these carbines are great all around.
  12. Favorite assault rifles?

    F2000 when burst fired is an absolute laser, if anyone is first unlocking and playing with it i highly recommend not using the ergo grip it screws up the groupings by adding more horizontal recoil somehow.
  13. Your favorite Weapon in BF4: pick only one

    Aek when mastered is a beastly weapon.
  14. This is beautiful. Its good that people found at least some fixes for Ea's incompetence

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