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  1. I've been watching a couple of gameplay videos of Wildstar, and it looks promising, but I don't want to dish out 59.99$ without knowing what I'm really getting myself into. So I was wondering if anyone had a 7-day guest pass I could have? Or maybe a month that you bought with creds that I could have, I just want to test out the game before I get it, and if I enjoy it, I'm sure I'll get really into it.
  2. Pepsi Is Hiring - Inquire Within

    I volunteer as tribute, contact me for further information about my amazing writing skills.
  3. Just looking for opinions on leona.

    I would rather ban thresh, lulu, or even blitzcrank, leona can be countered by simply choosing morgana support.
  4. I got battlefield 4 today.

    Looking forward to seeing you too man, message me if you want to play. 
  5. =ADK= TF2 revival? We need some defibs over here!

    I've never really tried Team Fortress 2, but I'd love to try it with the ADK community so let me know if anything is being started.
  6. You won't be at any disadvantage, the game is great even for newcomers, and the way that the community is, anyone can get a helping hand from about anybody.
  7. Favorite Champions?

    My favorite champion has to be Master Yi, I started to play the game with him, he was my first champ, and Q'ing for days is the best thing in the world, too bad he got nerfed and is AD now. 
  8. Loadout now Free to Play!

    Yeah, the game was really good, but it gets kinda repetitive, and even the customization its all kinda the same.
  9. Wassup

    Hey, my name is Ramon, I'm 17 years old, I mostly play DayZ on the ADK server. My game in name is [BHP] Cpt.DropThat, so let me know if you ever want to play, I'm a pretty chill guy, and I enjoy playing with all sorts of people, thanks for your time :).

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