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  1. Hi folks! Good News! Minecraft recently got a morale boost, in the way of a new modded server. We have Revelations! We as a group decided that we needed to add Decocraft. To do so we had to modify the files just a bit by adding Decocraft mod folder and the required lib file. So to make it easier We created a video to walk you through it.
  2. Dowin....I am Abnirmal...

    I have been away for a long time I was a helper on the old minecraft server when Zed was in charge. I noticed just now that the Minecraft server was brought back.......I am really interested in joining... how do i get whitelisted?


  3. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    @Sudawi   TY Surdawi....certainly be cool to see ya around ...Come chat anytime..
  4. Possible Member from Italy

    Hello all,        I am a newer adviser for minecraft.  I am recruiting this person from Italy. His name is Headshoot. He has applied and is in the process of making his posts. He speak some English but is better suited in written/typed English. I would appreciate if we as ADK members would welcome him as best we can. I have spoken to him at length and he is genuine He is from Sicily . Thanks for your consideration ~Abnirmal
  5. Introducing Myself

    Hello, I am glad you are attempting to Join ADK and we would be glad to have you....
  6. H1Z1 Live Streams

    Looks Sweet.. ~Ab
  7. Chris aka Cigetch

    @[member='Cigetch'] Welcome !!!!! you'll love it here I promise.....  

  9. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    Me too.... My friend is waiting to buy the xbox version...we have these grand plans to gallavant through Cyrodil bashing them in the face and wading through their corpses...anyhow I hear that all of the platforms are suppose to play on the same server but who know so i may end up buying the xbox version
  10. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    @[member='Galen Diettinger'] That is hilarious...I had forgotten all about that part.......great movie though! 
  11. I AM...... ABNIRMAL!

    I am Abnirmal,       My name is Benjamin Atlisdiyi Kahnanesgi  The first part of my name is what we Native Americans like to call a Christian name....(I know that I appear very white in nature but I assure you I am Tsalagi/Cherokee by blood and recognized as such by the tribe and government)  The second portion of my name is my given name which if translated to English would mean Funnel Spider. I am 29 as of this posting and I am Veteran of the US Army as well as a Veteran of the Iraq war, namely Iraqi Freedom. I am currently a Psychologist for a private sector Adjudicated Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility. I Have a wife and 2 lovely Children that always fight me for my attention. lol          I played WOW from day 1 (vanilla) all the way to the first week of Cataclysm.  Cataclysm ruined WOW for me so I switched and played pretty most of the good MMO's out there. Just to name a few.. Rift, Eve, WOW, Startrek online, SWTOR, NW online, ME3, TERA, Warframe, GW2, and EQ2. Before WOW I played MUDz which was basically a text version of the more popular and more modern video games.      I also play quite a bit on my Xbox one.    ~Ab

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