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    Church, Family, Work, Gaming. In that order.

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    Asus Formula VI
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    CPU Intel 4770K Haswell 1150 @ 4.0 GHz
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    SLi EVGA 2 x 760s 4 gig memory each. Cores @ 1084 MHz and memory @ 6008 MHz
  • PSU
    Corsair 650
  • RAM
    16 gig G.Skill Ram @ 2300 MHz,
  • Storage
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    Coarsair 1500 Headset.
  • Monitor
    2 144hz Asus (24" and a 27" swift) and a couple of 40"s one being a 4k
  • Case
    Junk clio
  • Peripherals
    Logitech 700s mouse and Razer Mechanical KB

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  1. Microsoft Surface Studio

    I just got the surface book. It's nice. 1T HD. 16gig ram.
  2. Its with a heavy heart...

    Take it easy bro. We will see you around.
  3. Guppie Lips Introduction!

    Welcome @GuppieLips. Happy to have you on the forums!
  4. Greetings.

    Welcome to the ADK forums @Veles
  5. Hello Future Friends

    Welcome @Cloudster !!
  6. No dark but you are the sweediest. Lol
  7. Niantic Cracks Down On Cheating

    Until they find a way to keep you from creating one. Lol
  8. Battlefield 1 BETA

    Yeah what he said. Send me my key. And let us run our own servers! Lol
  9. Now that's what I call funny. I have done community service before and it sure wasn't for playing a game. Hahahha
  10. XM25 Smoke is OP!

    I hate you foxy. :-)
  11. Hello

    @Denis Mota Welcome to the forums!!
  12. Ping Limit Not Working on ADK #5

  13. hi everyone

    Welcome to the forums! Do you play real games as well like BF4? @nems
  14. new to bf4 kinda

    @lilredman3Awesome brother. It will most certainly be good to have you around. :-) Keep it in the family. bonzai
  15. Couple Vids to watch

    Ahh good one for the newbies. I did notice that some people that have been around for a while didnt know about the tunnel. THANKS FIR GIVING THE SECRET OUT MAN!!!! lol bonzai

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