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    I don't have a mouse. I use 3 forks glued together. Seriously.
  1. This is correct. I think that it might be against the TOS from Valve to allow another person to play on your account, even them sitting on your PC. Because of this, it trumps any potential reason for an unbanning of an account on any server. That, and its pretty much been an unspoken rule for many many moons.
  2. I strongly believe it just swaps random people. I've seen people in the top, the middle, and the bottom get swapped. I've been swapped a few times being in the Top 10 or Top 15 of a 64-payer round to the losing team. The wisest move would be to set up the autobalancer to auto move the youngest player(s) on the server to the other side, that way, it could only potentially happen once.
  3. hi friends

    I'll reply with a joke:   Did you hear about the psychic midget that robbed a bank and got away with it? He is now a small medium at large.   And there is room on this planet for PC gamers and console gamers to co-exist. 
  4. Hello guys! allow me to introduce myself...

    Welcome to the forums! Might want to introduce yourself in more detail, and lurk/post a little more as opposed to advertising your YT channel on your very first post. 
  5. Im Heroic HI!

    Welcome to the forums! We make the nacho dip fresh daily, and our taco salads are a real hit with our customers. I'll be back to take your order shortly!
  6. So is it REALLY fixed?

    @[member='KnightsX'] So it's safe to say that I'm not missing much as far as updates go? I'll have one hell of an update to download (map pack release, updates, love notes, etc).
  7. respawn time

    Right. I remember, back in the BF2 days, there were a few servers that had that set up with instaspawn, and it made it a mess when attempting to cap a point yo the extent that it was almost a standstill. Even with no killcam, it wasnt considered strategic at all. Anyone remember BF1942? Depending on the map and tick, you could easily wait 20 seconds on default. Waiting the average 5 seconds isn't too bad. I haven't played on any BF3/4 servers that have this featured turned off, with the exception of hardcore mode. It probably won't be disabled on most, as it adds more of a strategic game, as opposed to a run and gun game.
  8. respawn time

    Huh? You have as much time as you'd like to customize your gear. Sure, it takes a second or two to be ready to spawn, but you don't have to spawn when that time comes. You can take your time redoing a loadout, waiting for a capture or cleared area to spawn. It's part of the strategy.
  9. Hello Everyone

    We need more lemon Pledge.
  10. Best battlepack ever.

    I read somewhere that using a 200% XP Boost on the Double XP weekends is a great way to unlock weapons relatively fast. It only makes sense. 
  11. BF4 The Real Experience!

    Nope. It's actually all due to the installation of transparent aluminum on the maps. They borrowed it from Star Trek. Oh, and the hills are made of rubber and glue.
  12. The Archdude's Intro

    You are being graded on a parallel. And, for the sake of summer, I will. Please provide estimated time of carved turtle shell's arrival by submitting Form 895-OU812 in triplicate, and mailing to: MyCatFarted, c/o ADK Gamers, P.O. Box 426 1/5, Armpitville, NE 59008. 
  13. The Archdude's Intro

    Being on fire sucks. But it's not as bad as electrocution, or falling through a 2 story building. What's your favorite type of gum, and why? Please explain your answer in 3 sentences. You will be graded for humor, sentence structure, grammar, and humor. 
  14. Deathman64

    Welcome to the fore arms! As long as Deathman64 isn't a nod to Superman64, you are alright in my book :D.
  15. Seraph619's Intro

    Hey man! Welcome to the forums. Us fellow Matt's need to stick together. I have a school chum/friend that is a prison guard at a minimal security facility near my hometown. Over beers, he would tell me some horror stories about his job, not to mention shows on TV on National Geoprahpic and A&E, so I think we can all understand your request to not openly discuss your job and it's stresses. Come here, join us on a server or three to wind down, and we have plenty of chicken and pineapples!

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