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  1. im a friend of Matts. he told me about ADK and its whitelist cheater free server for h1z1. i submitted an application!

  2. Hey bro. I dont know that ive been accepted so I keep posting. Can we talk about this sir? I want to enter at Whitelist server because my clan U mad bro (UMB) already been accepted. Im on teamspeak right now. I will wait for you bro.

  3. @Jokerz qual o problema que está havendo referente a uma KEY de h1z1 que estou querendo ??,só queria saber qual o problema.

    desde já agradeço amigo.!!!

    1. AOBLXIX


      @Jadson this not how you ask about your H1Z1 Application. Your application is now pushed to the back of the line per the topic you should have read first. 

  4. Veteran Admin Promotions - 4/26/2016

    @Stealthy @ReapYou congrats you two! well deserved.
  5. Hello I'm changing clan, leaving the IEX and going to my old nick was l33t iExRaniL, now I'm changing my clan and I wish to change my Nick to l33tRaniL
  6. March's ADK Admin of the Month Announcement!

    @[member='Laith SJ'] GRATZ well deserved
  7. MsKarolina1993 (formerly jbyrns1993)

    So the person in the picture male or female? I am assuming its not of you.
  8. New Weapon - Katana

    Can't wait to go ninja samurai on a fresh spawn. 
  9. MeerKat Here :D

    @[member='ThatKatMeerKat'] Nice to meet you Jacob! welcome to the forums.. What games interest you?
  10. Voo is here ^_^

    @[member='Voo'] Welcome to the forums, see you around on TS.
  11. Veteran Admin Promotions - 1/17/2016

    Whee!@   gratz  @[member='Viper'] @[member='BookD20'] @[member='mr.pig'] @[member='NikolaiRimskyK']   https://youtu.be/sSxx12vADYk         @[member='AOBLXIX'] Thank you
  12. Hi Im Reaper

    @[member='Reaper'] Hi reaper welcome to the forums.
  13. Seawheels intro

    @[member='Seawheels'] Glad  you  you put in a intro, welcome to the forums.
  14. Hello. Introduction Thread.

    @[member='Xentheus'] Welcome to the ADK forums, I noticed your app for h1z1, if you have any issues or need any help feel free to get ahold of me.
  15. New guy


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