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  1. Anyone still here?

    I’m here!
  2. So much excitement!

    So i just order a NEW Evga gtx 980 4GB Card.   coming from a 770 im so excited right now!   finally Star Citizen can run where i want it to run!   What cards are you guy's running?
  3. So much excitement!

  4. EVGA geforce gtx 970

    Nice man i just got my 980 last week. havent had a chance to mess with it since i worked all week last week! :(
  5. Official Organization Structure Thread

    Im going to have to agree with @[member='loopup2u'] on this one, I think we will stand stronger as a Org if everyone gets involved in something.
  6. Meetings Structure

    we sent out PM's yesterday be sure and check those.
  7. The Grim Introduction

    I enjoyed your company last night, I think your going to fit in here just fine!   See you around.
  8. Be An Advocate

    I'm interested and will be there!   I look forward to the changes and i am very excited with the direction we are going!   I am really interested in doing full time recruiting for ADK and our Organization!
  9. Milestones!

    Well, April marks a very important and special month for me.   April 11th 2014 is the date I made my first pledge to Star Citizen!    April 12th 2014 is the date i became a ADK member!    It has been such a honor to be apart of this community and ever more of a pleasure to be apart of our wonderful Organization!   It's been a quick year and alot has happened for me, alot of excitement along the way.   Ive made a ton of new friends and I have learned so much while being here!   Thank you guys for making this THE BEST community ever!
  10. Milestones!

    Grit your a great friend with a ton of knowledge! Thank you for being here man i appreciate you and all your help.
  11. Lower system specs user.cfg

    thanks for the post I have now sent at least 2 people to this post!
  12. Games we play while we wait......

    well i recently fell in love with Hero's of the storm so thats been one I've been playing lately.   heres my main line up though   Star Citizen Battlefield Hardline H1Z1 DayZ Arma 3 Insurgency CS:GO War Thunder Cities Skylines​ Not in any particular order! 

    So tonight I pulled the trigger on a Gladius!   Boy am I glad i did that, I've only had the Aurora package since April 2014!   The Aurora was a nice ship for someone just looking to initially get into Star Citizen, but now that I have flown the Gladius  I am very happy with melting down my Aurora package for $45.00 store credit and paying $60.00 for the Gladius.  BEST CHOICE IVE MADE FOR MYSELF IN SC.   So tonight I had to re-install the SC launcher and the patches and what not so I patiently waited at my computer for about 2 hours (thank god they switched their CDN for these downloads it went 10x faster this go around).   And it finally happened I spawned in my hanger and there she was in all her beauty. My initial thought was holy crap this thing is sweet! BUT then I jumped in and took it out for a spin around the Verse' I was finally able to control my space ship!  You see with the Aurora I wasn't ever able to control it, or at least in my experience i wasn't able to. In the Gladius I was able to maneuver around asteroids and control my speed and where I was going without any problem!    That alone made me so happy! i finally felt what it was like to actually kinda know how to fly!   EDIT NOTE HERE IN CASE MY WIFE READS THIS @loopup2u MADE ME DO IT   In the Aurora I was never able to really control what i was doing or who I was aiming at (although decoy let me kill him once ;). In the Gladius I was shooting people out of the sky!!   So I just wanted to share my excitement and let you know my experience with switching from the basic entry ship to that of a dedicated fighter!   If you are on the fence about purchasing a Gladius I would recommend quickly hoping off the fence and purchasing one!     I have a crappy screenshot for some reason it lost alot of quality in the print screen process, so if anyone knows any other way to get High Res screenshots please please please let me know! :P

    @[member='BookD20'] I like forward to that! @[member='Kraven213'] yea it is a bit shrimpy but man with the speed and maneuverability I think that makes up the difference! :P Either way it achieved what I was after, it made me want to play that much more :P
  15. Joystick/HOTAS Discussion: Buyers guide

    I just need to man up and buy the thrustmaster my only problem would be getting used to them as for i have never used anything other than mouse and keyboard and the regular console controllers...  anyone want to weigh in on how someone thats never used sticks before, is the learning curve rough or would you call it a "pick it up naturally' type of thing?  I mean i am a very fast learner and willing to dedicate my time to something but there is also alot of things out there that you can either pick it up or you cant, and id hate to be out $500 on something like this :P
  16. I melted MY Aurora and picked me up one of those fine looking Gladius's tonight!  I AM SO SUPER EXCITED I cant wait im downloading the the update now and we all know thats about 2500000303403 GBs so maybe in about 1 hour ill be able to at least go sit in this bad boy!
  17. Ships or ship             Aurora LX i am currently in the market for a upgrade real soon :)          Roles:                      bounties, trade, raids, exploration, and maybe some escorts!  
  18. Star Citizen Community Census

    pretty good i filled it out! :)
  19. Warhammer 40K: Enteral Crusade?

    sounds interesting im always up for something new :)
  20. TS Server is down

  21. HELLO I'M NEW HERE! :)

    Hey good to see you made it! awesome!!!! awesome player here!
  22. Now introducing... Purah Fallenstar

    welcome to the community!   kids are awesome but turn us into old people i have a 3 year old little girl and she wears me out!    look forward to seeing you around!
  23. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    good idea man thanks!
  24. Best Joysticks and HOTAS

    id like to find one that maybe has suction cups to make sure no movement can happen while engaging in intense combat

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