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  1. Server kicks

    ingame name is majrpayne, Started happening after the newest update but be that...
  2. Server kicks

    Any reason why i'm getting kicked for the servers all the time?
  3. WE need one of these in BF4

    I prefer my XDM or XDS but that is a nice gun
  4. Flashbangs, Smoke, etc

    If I were to just sit there and report people I wouldn't get to play. This is due to the fast i play usually at 1 in the morning or later on Sat and Sunday night. I can see points rolling along. This server although a blast to be on can be a hassle at the same time. I think it should be more of a 4 strikes(warn, Warn kill, Warn kick, Banned) you are out. Of course people still get around by tossing flares at people to either get them to move or to damage them for they can come flying in and get an easy kill. Is there an easy solution.. no
  5. Gaming Music?

    Rush, KMFDM, Guns and Roses, Daft Punk,  Mobius
  6. accidental infraction points

    I don't even want to go into how many times when i play that people ignore the rules but stop short
  7. Pespi you are exactly correct. Publisher says when the game releases not the designers (with EA).. I think that Admin was actually a douche and could have handled it in a much better way. I'd say that if that guy joined our servers I'd welcome him and ask to pick is brain a little
  8. The Best "New" Thing

  9. The Best "New" Thing

    LOL i love it!
  10. Ranking Up to Colonel 100

    holy crap i have never seen a 100 or 200% I've only ever gotten 2 50% rest were 25%
  11. Joysticks for flying etc.

      So I have the fly 5 also but i haven't had a chance to set it up.. how did you set it up?
  12. Good Morning, Well first there was 4 people so your smart ass comment has been blown.  As a successfully business man once said Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. It only takes a step in the right direction for one to begin his road to conquering the world.    I can say that i had a good time meeting Mojo, Waffle, and AOB.  I hope too begin doing this on a monthly occurrence and get others to actually join in on the fun.  I have already set up my mousepad and it will be ready to go Sat night.
  13. Im here got a 6 top sitring north west area
  14. It's a Sports Grill,     I'll be wearing my Picnic table Shirt. Imagine a picnic table cover made into a shirt :) Yeah i figure depending on traffic that i'll be there between 7:30 and 7:45

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