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  1. Final Fantasy XIV

    I play but I'm on Diablo :*(
  2. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta

    Beta is now open to all. 
  3.   Just wanted to start a thread to see who is playing and to start extra Beta key thread.  If you got em, let people know.  Don't list em as they will just disappear.  I've got 3 for PC if anyone's interested.
  4. Greetings ADK users :D

    @[member='Naruteitor']     Glad to see you in the forums m8!  See ya all the time in the server, thank you for your help on #6.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to hit me up on TS or here on the forums.   Happy Hunting   Edit:  Yup I'm a Noob
  5. Hi this is my introdution.

    @[member='WhiteScavengerWolf']     Welcome to the forums m8!  Glad we were able to get your account/intro/app up and running.  LoLz.  Looking forward to some more fun times.  If you ever have any questions, or just wanna chat, grab me in TS.   Happy Hunting
  6. PayPal Donations For Battlefield - INFORMATION

    @[member='WhiteVastNinja'] Glad to hear m8! Every donation helps and shows your support for the community. Happy Hunting Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  7. How to screenshot in BF4

    @[member='Dynasty']     Hmm.  Never had that problem.
  8. Upgrading Dell XPS 9100

    Was gonna try this on mobile. Too time consuming. Will update when I get to the PC. Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  9. autobalance?

    @[member='Vllsec'] Check this out: http://www.adkgamers.com/index.php?/topic/74111-Squad-scramble-for-ADK-BF4-servers Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  10. Recruitment Drive - Regular Members and Admins Wanted

    @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] Stupid phone . . . or was it a Freudian slip . . . Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  11. Recruitment Drive - Regular Members and Admins Wanted

    A lot of players from #2 are hopping on TS. Dunno why it's easier to get people in on that server. Happy Hun Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  12. How to screenshot in BF4

    @[member='Slow38111'] Easiest way I've found is to just hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard and paste it into Windows Paint app. Happy Hunting Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  13. I have a theory I want to test

    I'm in man. I'll be on, so hit me up if you still need a person. Posted via the =ADK= Mobile App
  14. CentrixGaming Introduction thread

    @[member='CentrixGaming']     Hey man, welcome to the forums.  Nice editing on them vids.  Which software do you use?  I might be in some need of tips ;)   Happy Hunting.

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