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  1. Musicians or Bands you wish you could have seen live?

    True but money and distance are still a factor LOL
  2. Do you watch a movie twice?!?!

    Ill watch any good movie more than once.. However Im ashamed to admit Ive watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix like 10 times.. all 7 seasons.. Ive watched All of Weeds 2 times. Orange is the New Black twice!!
  3. Howdy

    Hi and Welcome to ADK forums.. Nice to hear you found us! Hope you enjoy our LOL section! Have a fun time gaming!
  4. Hello

    HI and Welcome to the ADK forums! Ive played path of exile before but gave up cuz I got frustrated LOL Now I just play Minecraft
  5. Heres now it works.. Ill add a gif and the next person posts a gif related to the one I posted and so on and so on til it creates a story!
  6. What do you drive?

  7. Member Picture Thread

    I was gonna say I didnt see your pic here @Feisty
  8. Do you suffer from Par*ent*ing?

    Ugh.. I wish you knew my bull headed child.. Its easier for me to just do them myself and complain on here about having to do them LOL
  9. Do you suffer from Par*ent*ing?

    I have serious OCD.. Even if I let her go in and do the dishes for me.. She wont do them they way I would and I WILL go in after shes done and fix it the way I like so I might as well do them myself LOL Im sick I know!
  10. I have an idea

    I just recently got back into reading.. Although Im a romance novel reader.. I just finished the lasted Danielle Steel book.. It was about a family of ghosts that lived with a real family in a turn of the century mansion and how their lives intertwined even if they are a 100 years apart!
  11. Do you suffer from Par*ent*ing?

    My I dont wanna adult moment this week is I dont wanna wash my dishes today! Like Seriously I WANT A DISHWASHER DAMN IT! LOL
  12. What's Your Favorite Dinner

    Im the main cook in my house and we have several favorites. Frogys favorite is my beef stew and my homemade bean soup.. Savannah loves my tacos and my personal favorite is stuffed peppers and anything I cook on the grill like pork tenderloin or kababobs!
  13. Hello Hello!

    Hi and Welcome to ADK forums!

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