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  1. Battlefield 1 PC Version NO DISC INCLUDED

    Since the majority of people live in large urban areas with "decent" internet EA could careless about the small amount of people with shitty internet in rural areas. I personally hate having a drawer full of discs. I like having a Steam or Origin library with all my games in one place digitally forever. But I do agree about the price of the "special editions" with no physical content.
  2. Guest Pass Request/Giving thread!

    I have one you can have.
  3. Spring 2016 Hopefuls

    i have watched zero anime during the winter season so i could binge it all during spring break.
  4. I survived last year, Im guessing ill survive this year.
  5. I put in like 4 emails to try and get a key! Im going to purchase the game when I return from my trip to Guatemala.
  6. Im sick of the anti muslim speak

    Good to see you havnt changed.
  7. Im sick of the anti muslim speak

    we haven't talked in awhile. I have better control over that recently. But Your not wrong I do tend to be that way.
  8. A First Look at Albion Online

    I am excited for this game. black desert has my main attention right now for the most part but this looks really good.
  9. Hi I'm MoWork... your God!

    Welcome! But I must regretfully inform you that AOB (the founder) is ADKs God.
  10. Need to start working out & losing weight? Any tips

    This time last year I weighed 320lbs. I now weigh 240! All I did and I swear on all things ADK was this lifestyle/diet change. http://whole30.com/ The Whole 30 is a total changing of how you eat. I lost 80lbs and Im still going with it. I never worked out once. The Whole 30 literally is the best and most effective way I ever tried to lose weight and the only one that worked. Also I recommend a book called http://www.wheatbellybook.com/wheatbellybook/bps/index?keycode=222188 I know it looks like a scam site but its not.   This totally looks like a internet ad. But it isnt. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=958004730932903&set=pb.100001701549546.-2207520000.1450790719.&type=3&theater That there is picture of me at 320lb and then at 260lb (im 240 now whooooo!)   Best of luck bro!
  11. Remove mortars

    here is a pro tip. If you run around mortars cannot hit you. they take 2 hits. your inept if you stay in place when one hits you. and don't try to say they coordinate because we all know people don't teamwork.
  12. Remove mortars

    Im not an admin.  Just a member.

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