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  1. This is how I handle math lab when the computer needs to recharge so do I.

  2. Watching tv and I saw an add for California psychics. The people were saying that they had exact names and new everything about them. Well considering 90% of your life is on various social media networks I wonder how they know it? Well I guess people do it they are still in business 1$ a minute. If you want someone to tell you what you want to hear I'll be available for .75 a minute.

  3. Bad power supply?

    [quote name='ElementDot' timestamp='1354268883' post='56977'] hehe i think that's the same power supply as mine [/quote] Is it the bronze? What gpu do you run?
  4. Bad power supply?

    I ordered a corsair 750w just a few mins ago from newegg. Should be here tuesday.... Just in time for finals YAY. I will let yall know if it was the solution.
  5. Bad power supply?

    I have been thinking about this alot, I feel like it might be going bad. I mean it is over 5 years old.
  6. Bad power supply?

    I dont think the card was over heating, I was using MSI, and some of the EVGA software to watch it. The card never got over 40-50c I think.
  7. Bad power supply?

    I can play some games with out crash such as dirt 3 the new NFS game, but bf3 and gw2 crash it pretty consistently even if the graphics are turned down
  8. Bad power supply?

    Im not exactly 100% sure I have not had my pc open in a long time, What kind of issue would that give me tho?
  9. Bad power supply?

    Well when I talked to the EVGA guy I told him all that stuff and he said it was fine, but if it cant handle it or is going bad, I am still in the same place anyway.
  10. Bad power supply?

    Its some off the wall brand 750W. Im just really confused and this is about the last thing I think it could be.
  11. Bad power supply?

    Hey, I have a gtx 570 card and it crashes bf3 in 3-5 mins. It will also crash gw2 after a longer period of time. I have sent it back and this is the second card that I am having problems with. I talked to a support guy with EVGA and he said it might be a bad power supply. I would like your comments or thoughts on this. Also when I used my old gtx 9800, it did not crash any of these games, so I dont feel like its a compatibility issue. Thanks in Advance, -Grant
  12. No Internet No Mouse!

    I use all razer stuff myself, Blackwidow, Mamba, vespula, and there headset. I am not really crazy about this. Why does razer need/want to share your info with other parties? Unless they are making money selling your info hmmm....
  13. Battlefield 3 Hacker tells all

    Oh well I guess I was just reading the comments scratch that then xD
  14. Battlefield 3 Hacker tells all

    [quote name='Konvict1982' timestamp='1349477929' post='48466'] Yeah you don't need amazing hacks to turn an average player into a great player or even a great player into a godly player. Small adjustments can make huge differences. I also wondered if it was possible to enable and disable aim-bots because if so then a person could turn it on get good hits then turn it off and get crap for a few then back on and so forth and look fairly average in a game. [/quote] Well they could keep aim on and fire in burst to make them look like they are that good and kinda stay away from people for a little bit to not over do it. Did you read the Reddit one also? I read a whole page of comments on that. It was just as good if not better.
  15. Gangnam Style Anyone?

    I swear I thought he said "Open condom style" the first time I heard this.

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