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Everything posted by FeatherSton3

  1. Count to 1,000

    What better to do in the spam section except stupid stuff?  Alright, counting to one thousand. You may only post once per day, and another user has to post before your latest post. So, here we go: 1  (Note to applicants: Posting in this thread will NOT help your post count.) @[member=Vladimir Zsadist] is prohibited from posting in this thread, because he ruins everything ... 
  2. Okay guys, so title isn't the full question I wanted to ask, as it would be too long, so here it is: - Do you ever watch a movie twice? - If so, why do you watch it when you know EXACTLY what's going to happen. Just thought about this recently because my brother probably has around 500+ movies, and it confuses me.  If you buy the movie on Blu-Ray, do you spend $25 to watch it once, or do you watch it multiple times?! 
  3. NF - Outcast

  4. What are you listening to right now?

  5. Hey ya'll! Not sure the next time it will air, but make sure to cheer on my cousin, Adam Rayl. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! Long time no see. Anyways, I wanted to hop on and see if anyone here plays SQUAD. If you haven't gotten it and are looking for something like this, it is on sale on www.humblebundle.com so grab it! Feel free to add me on steam to squad up!
  7. My cousin is competing in American Ninja Warrior

    I know this thread is old, but he competed again this year and was just featured again on television tonight. So proud of him!
  8. Count to 1,000

    Everytime I come back to the forums, I find this thing is still going. This makes me happy. 846
  9. Outro - NF

    Waited all night for this single to be released last night. My favorite artist ever right here!
  10. What are you listening to right now?

  11. Epiphany

    My boy NF featured with his first non-Christian artist. Just an example that two opposites can work together and make a great song with a great message. Even if you don't like rap, this song is great.
  12. Epiphany

  13. Member Picture Thread

    Alright everybody. For those of you relatively new to ADK, just know that I am "The Guy" who posts photos on this thread. So, yeah. I haven't posted here in awhile, so why not?
  14. Count to 1,000

    LOL. People are still commenting on this thread? Sweet. I like this. 657
  15. My cousin is competing in American Ninja Warrior

    How ironic. Haven't been on the website in about a month and come on today. My brain most have known that I had a notification from you
  16. Count to 1,000

  17. My cousin is competing in American Ninja Warrior

    http://www.nbc.com/american-ninja-warrior/video/national-finals-week-3/3096739 He competes at 12:30 @AOBLXIX
  18. Count to 1,000

    Someone actually read the thread rules, @RuinyourDay LOL. 646
  19. Rate The Song Above You

    Just what the title says. Rate the song above you. Be fair to those who post and listen to the whole thing (If you can bear it).
  20. What are you listening to right now?

  21. Phoenix of ADK

    All I will say to this is that I don't think it is right to categorize all of them into the same bowl just because they all happened to leave. Don't expect some people to see what has yet to be seen/done. I respect their right to leave and would still treat them as if they were a member as they once were (For those that truly put effort into this community). Who knows, some of those people may come back after they have more confidence in the way some things are done around here (meaning that things that they collaboratively constructively criticized about are being worked on). Don't throw them under the bus just because they "gave up".
  22. Count to 1,000

  23. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Yeah... whenever I get a desktop that can run it instead of my notebook I'll make sure to hit you up
  24. The end of my time here

    @ColColonCleaner You might vaguely remember me as far as teamspeak goes. But it was amusing listening to your ADKATS convo's and the like. My Colon will miss you.
  25. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    @Pepsi Thanks for being a fun guy to always talk to. I enjoyed hanging out on teamspeak with ya. And thanks for having my completely true Battlefield Hardline review on the front page of the website. LOL. Your wish has also been granted, topic was moved so non-members may see it

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