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Everything posted by VinnieIlDuce

  1. Open Battlefield Meeting

    I wish I could make the meeting. I really want our BF4 servers back but I have work at that time. Sucks.
  2. Pennsylvania

    @[member='DrDoom'] I'm in Moorestown, not too far from Gloucester. 
  3. JSRF Soundtrack is life!

  4. Name your Favorite Music and Artist!

    Hardstyle - Headhunterz Punk - Bad Religion Metal - Five Finger Death Punch Jazz - Oscar Peterson Trio
  5. Pennsylvania

    I'm over in South Jersey. Pretty close to Philly. I could take the train into the city and meet up with you guys.
  6. I am now A+ certified! On to Net+!

  7. Best Cigarette

    Smokes of ADK, what's your go to cigarette? I fell in love with Marlboro. More specifically, Marlboro Edge. It's rich, smooth, and flavourful. A nice red cut without the harsh feeling of Marlboro 83's, the original Marlboro cut.     So tell me, what's your favorite?
  8. Seige/Zavod/Golmud US#3

    @[member='Marcinkoman']  Thank you Marc and other admins for lowering the ticket count. It was a bit high and turned into a general blood bath with no goals or a baserape. I think this is a step in the right direction. Now for maps, it could use another map or two to make it a little more fun. But that's just my lowly opinion.
  9. NEW Battlefield Game

    Didn't we have this conversation elsewhere? Anyway. I think it's gonna blow. Not wasting my money until I get some solid reviews online to confirm whether it's a decent purchase or not. 
  10. This looks like it could be fun

    I need to go to AC Moore and pick this shit up ASAP.
  11. American roads

    Good repairs at that. I've seen way too many "repairs" done and the quality made me cry. At least in my township the repair quality sucks.
  12. Wuh-Wuh-Warlight?

    Never played it but I'm not sure I'm sold on it. Give me a little more ambition from your end on why I should. =P
  13. Hello!

    Glad so see you in the forums now!  You're friendly enemy, Megabros72. P.S. I'm gonna take your tags!
  14. The new X-Men Trailer has me a bit happier.

    I loved it a shit ton. Not my favorite due to the mind fuck with the time bending dealio, but it was great, none the less. 
  15. Favorite music?

    Definitely hardstyle techno. Headhunterz is by far my favorite artist. His old stuff was best but, can be said about any artist, right?   Link for those interested. https://www.youtube.com/user/HeadhunterzMedia
  16. Battlefield Friends - Mobile AA

    I don't watch the series but I didn't really crack a smile during this. It's supposed to be funny, right? 
  17. American roads

    Depends on where the roads are, and chances are that the roads are in dismay unless its a highway. Highways are usually pretty good but backstreets and stuff. Meh. Horrible where I live. That's my input anyway.
  18. Am I any less of a man?

    Don't base your manhood on the fact that you liked a movie. If you stand for your morals and try to do the right thing, that's what you base your manhood on. Not over a movie.
  19. I was being a doucheeee

    I can see you having fun with this but it shows the community in a horrible light. Not something you should do, at all.
  20. Ello Ladies and Gents

    Ello lads, name's Megabros72, VinnieIlDuce, or formally James Vinnie.  18 year old male who lives in New Jersey, USA. Finishing up high school but can't decide what college to go to. Still working out that kink.   Videogames have been a huge part in my life since I was about 4. NES, SNES, N64, all great consoles of my childhood. Grew up with fps games, hence my love for them now. That roles into my BF addiction.I'm a huge BF addict, so there's that. I'll play almost any FPS, almost. Since the launch of Bf4 I've been playing on ADK servers. Been putting around teamspeak for a couple of weeks and finally decided to post in here. Really love the community and the people in it.    I have seldom friends outside the internet, but that's by choice. I find people boring and not worth all the trouble when there's too many.  I prefer to waste my time online, with you guys, honestly.     All in all, I'm generally a chilled out guy who plays FPS games in his room with friends. Call me whatever, but I'm just boring =P        
  21. Ello Ladies and Gents

    @[member='daisy0706']@[member='hockey484'] You guys are pretty chilled out about meeting new peoples. I love the community here and can't wait to come build with you guys in the future!
  22. Revisions that should be made for recon players

    He knows how to compensate. That's all there is to it, honestly.
  23. Revive Meter coming to CTE!!

    I'm not usually a medic, but this looks one hell of a great improvement. Great to see that DICE is pulling through to an extent and trying to work on the game.
  24. Heavy Barrel vs Muzzle Brake

    It really depends on what you're running with. A heavy barrel is only good on weapons with pretty low recoil or single fire weapons. The muzzle break, in my opinion, is only worth the downside if you can't manage the recoil to begin with. I prefer just running flash hider or no barrel attachments at all. Unless you're going stealth, then suppressors are great. 
  25. Server US #1

    From my understanding, US #1 has had issues with loading new maps and crashing. As of 6/24/13 11:21 A.M., US #1 crashed again. Whenever people join the server, you spawn in under the map in spectator mode. Can't seem to figure out what might be the issue, although I'm not familiar with Battlefield servers. Don't want to see a server fail, especially an ADK server.     Your friendly non-ADK member,   VinnieIlDuce

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