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  1. Spring Patch Discussion Thread

    The weapons are a nice add in, but I encountered audio problems I didn't have a week ago, still get head glitching but not as brutally obvious.   I havent encountered lavo'ing (bipoding) yet, however I feel I am done with the game and going to move on (maybe play a match here and there).  Now I am hooked on CS:GO.
  2. new patch + mantle = broken :(

    @[member='UnbeKabal'] it also depends what card you are running.  from my understanding it seems the 270 and up are better suited for mantle.  i run a hd7870 and it stutters so bad on mantle.  but what i have read in the future amd plans to include all ati cards with mantle.  
  3. feels like nothing has changed

    ya i have been rolling with the m416 and it has worked pretty good, but it has always been good.  however seeing the high pings dominate the charts makes me sad
  4. still gettin shot behind cover, still getting delayed hit reg, insta kills   and from the pic it seems ping still means nothing
  5. Things I miss from the BF franchise...

    damavand peak and seine crossing from bf3. played rush on these 2 maps for hours and hours. and i miss the multiplayer from bfbc2. theres a lot of things to list but overall the experience from that game on mp was awesome
  6. Just Curious

    @[member='Full-Tilt'] theres nothing wrong with the 1200dpi/10%, just curious to what other people are running since i came from console and never played pc with a gaming mouse before.  Basically just absorbing information and new ideas to try out different things.  thanks for the input cuz ya i know totally understand what you mean how 1 setting is different for another.    @[member='KnightsX'] thanks for the link   @[member='Type2dk'] i agree there is a lot to learn.  like i said i came from console with no idea what settings to use or why to use them.  on console i just turned it up to full and go ham.  As for @[member='Dynasty'] I've played against him a few times and man his shots are insane and props to him for it.
  7. Just Curious

    Hey everyone,   Just curious to what people use regarding sensitivity.  Recently, I have been playing around with high dpi/low sen or low dpi/high sen; high dpi/ high sen; low dpi/low sen, but have been unable to figure out which is best :p   Currently I am running windows 6/11, 1200dpi, 10% in game, 90fov.  I have experimented with a bunch of different settings.   I figure I would ask around to see what the everyones preferences are.  
  8. Next DLC, Final Stand, first look

    @[member='Yuki_Sorrelwood']  - thanks for taking the time to present this info.  From the looks of it, the DLC looks pretty sweet. Although I would really like to see a night map, like tehran highway.  I miss that map :(
  9. @[member='schietdammer'] why don't you just stop going on the rocks above E? it would save you the trouble of getting banned by admins that haven't seen this thread
  10. @[member='Type2dk'] @[member='gozzen']   Sorry if i seemed critical or discrediting, I was just displaying my distaste for commanders, however I agree with your topic about commander exploitation.  :)
  11. @[member='gozzen'] - good eye on the AEK group, although it may be hard to prove they were conspiring with each other, but who knows they may be so bad at the game they need a leg up on other teams.     I just wanted to chime in on something DICE should change to commander.  First of all, I completely hate the whole commander idea.  But what they should change is a team can only have a commander if the other team has one.  They could implement a queue system of some sort.  I just stumbled on this idea today playing in a server.  After losing that game I may or may not have blamed the other team for having a commander as a reason for our loss.  I know that may be nebbish but do any other players get that feeling in a game that since the other team has a commander, that they definitely have a leg up over your team?  Did i mention that i f**cking hate commanders!!!! and i agree with you @[member='Type2dk'] that flanking and sneaking up behind people happens less often then i'd like.
  12. Has this happened to anyone?

    @[member='NikolaiRimskyK'] Thank you dear sir!
  13. Has this happened to anyone?

    @silentkiller - ya thats what i figured happened cuz i was spamming an omg then all of a sudden kicked.  just thought it was funny.  too bad i couldn't catch the name of the guy i killed that was throwing the made so i could report him
  14. So i was playing #6 today and was going ham on a doorway with an lmg, and happened to kill someone that was attempting to throw a nade, in which the game mechanics said i threw and killed someone with... just thought it was funny...
  15. Sniping on Firestorm

    lol sick vids and great shots man... i tried this in bf3 and bf4 and just got irritated cuz i couldn't hit anything, especially head shots 

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