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  1. Identity - The Time is Almost Here

    So who is still all interested in playing this together and figuring it out? it shows up now in my steam but says can't download right now. 10 more days if everything goes right
  2. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    so when is the next TOS event? Had a lot of fun, lynching town aha. There was good numbers for how many showed up maybe we can get a few more on the next event.
  3. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    also, they have this currently on steam to buy, I liked it so much I did, its cheap
  4. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    I'm having a ton of fun in this, good little thinking game that can be tough, need more people to play this with!
  5. Identity

    Hopefully everyone is keeping their eyes on this who found this interesting, seems slow going but still looking forward to it.
  6. Identity

    Bought my passport today for it, kind of anxious to see this game with how they are tackling each aspect it seems promising as long as they continue to communicate and listen to their players this could do very well.
  7. Identity

    @CaGregorio I would be happy to join that server when it gets going and would happily apply for a staff position to help out I do plan on spending the $40 or so for the game.
  8. Identity

    That actually interests me, seems like this could be a lot of fun
  9. So who has it, and whats your thoughts on it? So far, missions and stuff I find fun, keeps me busy, the controls I dislike, I think they missed the mark with those, but that's just me. Still just a low level so lots more to go, maybe I need more time in it but this is my thoughts so far.
  10. This interests me, I haven't played ark in awhile just might have to come back and play, what is your server @FeistyTV pvp or pve?
  11. AC3 was fun my fav so far out of them all was AC Rogue, just going against the creed was interesting. Worst of the lot so far I believe at least to me was AC Unity , wish I never bought that garbage.
  12. This indeed makes me sad
  13. that looks awesome, looking forward to it also!, been a fan of the AC franchise since AC 3.
  14. Hello again

    Happy to hear it is coming back, will be getting on when it does, and Hi everyone!
  15. Metro rocks, always have always will. Lockers make my head spin but can be fun as it has its moments too.
  16. Arma III - The Future of our Servers!!!!

    I think all traders should have a protection zone, pve server could be better, that way there isn't large groups scaring off people that dont have a big group or group at all and it promotes people working together. With missions whoever is 1st on scene could say in channel at _____ whatever mission and engaging so people know they get first loot so people dont come up lets say if they have 1 ai left and it kills them and someone comes in kills that ai and takes all the loot wouldnt be right so would have to address that, that way others know who is there. If there is pvp either have it so maybe a small town in the map or area is disignated pvp only or just dont have it pvp at all. It certainly can be tricky but ran an arma 2 server like that and for the most part worked out great, its meeting the right amount of pvpve and where safe areas are etc. Just some of my thoughts to that if it does come back. Also maybe, for 1st comers could have some sort of load out for everyone so they start with a primary and secondary weapon, backpack to help just a small one to start, however how you guys had the loot wasnt hard to find a backpack so might not need to do that.
  17. Possible Scrim BF1 or BF4??

    For Bf1 sure, for BF4 would have to reinstall, which is still a yes.
  18. ARK: Survival Evolved - Join Today!

    I'm ususally in the ts during the day playing bf4 in the bf4 channel will definitely read the rules and join you in the ark channel
  19. ARK: Survival Evolved - Join Today!

    I didn't know you guys had a server up for Ark, mine is done at the end of the month, some good mods out there, ill have to check yours out and play on it
  20. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    yeah wait until Beta, if Beta fails and ends up shit then the game really won't change far from it. The small micro transactions I am sure they are referring to is same as BF4, buy the gun packs to get unlocks, doesn't really surprise me there. Alpha was fun, hoping Beta isn't too far off from it. If they miss with BF1, not sure how they will come back from it as hardline flopped hard.
  21. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I just bought the division, only level 8, seems good but playing by myself is getting boring, why is everyone hating it, limited content or something?
  22. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

    Looks great, will be getting to play with others for sure
  23. I am a bit of a star trek nerd, been playing STO since Beta, was wondering if anyone here plays it at all? Have a fleet but no active members anymore, would like to have an active fleet if possible. Just one of the many different games I play. Figured start something here see if anyone is interested in playing it, its free.
  24. Is 20 posts too many?

    20 at first sounded like a lot to me, I'll figure it out to make 20 posts somehow, the more time spent around the adk people is enjoyable so 20 posts here I come!

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