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  1. Identity - The Time is Almost Here

    So who is still all interested in playing this together and figuring it out? it shows up now in my steam but says can't download right now. 10 more days if everything goes right
  2. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    so when is the next TOS event? Had a lot of fun, lynching town aha. There was good numbers for how many showed up maybe we can get a few more on the next event.
  3. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    also, they have this currently on steam to buy, I liked it so much I did, its cheap
  4. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    I'm having a ton of fun in this, good little thinking game that can be tough, need more people to play this with!
  5. Identity

    Hopefully everyone is keeping their eyes on this who found this interesting, seems slow going but still looking forward to it.
  6. Identity

    Bought my passport today for it, kind of anxious to see this game with how they are tackling each aspect it seems promising as long as they continue to communicate and listen to their players this could do very well.
  7. Identity

    @CaGregorio I would be happy to join that server when it gets going and would happily apply for a staff position to help out I do plan on spending the $40 or so for the game.
  8. Identity

    That actually interests me, seems like this could be a lot of fun
  9. So who has it, and whats your thoughts on it? So far, missions and stuff I find fun, keeps me busy, the controls I dislike, I think they missed the mark with those, but that's just me. Still just a low level so lots more to go, maybe I need more time in it but this is my thoughts so far.
  10. This interests me, I haven't played ark in awhile just might have to come back and play, what is your server @FeistyTV pvp or pve?
  11. AC3 was fun my fav so far out of them all was AC Rogue, just going against the creed was interesting. Worst of the lot so far I believe at least to me was AC Unity , wish I never bought that garbage.
  12. This indeed makes me sad
  13. that looks awesome, looking forward to it also!, been a fan of the AC franchise since AC 3.
  14. Hello again

    Happy to hear it is coming back, will be getting on when it does, and Hi everyone!
  15. Metro rocks, always have always will. Lockers make my head spin but can be fun as it has its moments too.

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