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  1. TBH not much to do, but it is looking nice at the moment, who all is playing this?
  2. Identity - The Time is Almost Here

    So who is still all interested in playing this together and figuring it out? it shows up now in my steam but says can't download right now. 10 more days if everything goes right
  3. Finally, so how many from here in ADK will be playing for sure?
  4. LOL I am having my doubts more as time goes on, would be nice before end of summer.
  5. Ugh... so close, I just want to get my hands on this and play, has anyone else taken interest in this? It kind of saddens me there might not be enough people into this. Finding out only 4 tasks more has me excited. Been a long wait I must say.
  6. This is starting to drive me crazy how many more months to go ughhh anxious and irritated all at the same time, so curious is this going to be hosted on 1 big server from them or are communities able rent servers for their own ? I like seeing the apartment that he showed while in it. I just want this to get started already, also I gotta say becoming a cop in this game really is intriguing to me to become.
  7. I am glad it's taking time, I hope they are fixing as many tings as possible for a smooth launch, I am still very excited to play this however am getting a little impatient I guess with any wait time that happens. Hopefully people are still interested in playing this here.
  8. https://www.identityrpg.com/community/topic/11324-dev-blog-015-crime-doesnt-pay-this-time/ look forward to April 23rd for anyone that is a founder or above that's when you will finally be able to play!
  9. This looks more amazing every time they give us more pics, very interested!
  10. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    so when is the next TOS event? Had a lot of fun, lynching town aha. There was good numbers for how many showed up maybe we can get a few more on the next event.
  11. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    also, they have this currently on steam to buy, I liked it so much I did, its cheap
  12. Town of Salem Event | January 30th |

    I'm having a ton of fun in this, good little thinking game that can be tough, need more people to play this with!
  13. Identity

    Hopefully everyone is keeping their eyes on this who found this interesting, seems slow going but still looking forward to it.
  14. Identity

    Bought my passport today for it, kind of anxious to see this game with how they are tackling each aspect it seems promising as long as they continue to communicate and listen to their players this could do very well.

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